The canary is fleeing the coal-mine, but that doesn’t mean non-Jews are safe from Islam

Humanity is supposed to progress, and under regimes based on freedom and capitalism humanity has progressed. Freedom and capitalism has increased life expectancy, made people able to travel and has brought amazing advances into almost any field that you could care to name. The free world, with a few tragic diversions such as fascism and communism, did so, right up until the point that some not so bright sparks thought that nothing could possibly go wrong by importing millions of Islamic savages into a continent where it took, hundreds of years, and a few crusades, to kick them out in the first place.

What sort of utter stupidity does it take to disregard nearly a millennium and a half of historical knowledge of Islam, and take the view that the violent and oppressive ideology of Islam is no different from other more peaceful religious beliefs? It must take wilful and criminal stupidity to do such a thing. Inviting Islam into Europe has been an utter disaster, and the first victims of the foolish policy of seeing no evil in Islam, are Europe’s Jews…