Media not to blame for Muslim extremism?

“…It’s easy to blame the media for concentrating on news rather than what ordinary folks are up to but Mojab does not explain why, if the vast majority of Muslims are tolerant, peaceful and law-abiding, violence is an ever-present fear for those Muslims not prepared to toe the line.

The threat of violence acts even in the West as a major brake on free expression and speech and, in much of the Muslim world, violence is a much more present danger to those who dissent from the religious orthodoxies.

While there can be no disputing that only a minority of Muslims believe in taking their beliefs to extremes, an intrinsic part of Islamic teaching justifies the death of opponents, non-believers or believers in other religions.

An ancient text can be used to justify a variety of lethal behaviour as the history of Christianity has shown but, as some commentators have pointed out, you don’t get the feeling the Islamic world is moving away from fundamentalist interpretations of the Koran.

As British columnist Rod Liddle pointed out recently in the Sunday Times, it is only in Islamic countries that people risk being put to death for blasphemy or apostasy (renouncing Islam).

“It is not just Muslim extremists who want to punish people for apostasy and blasphemy; it is the view of the mainstream Islamic world,” he writes.”

Not in Canada certainly where the MSM is multiculturally tranquilized into submission.