Islam would never allow Farkhunda to be lynched

I sat comfortably on a sofa browsing through Facebook; the ambiance was comfortable as was my state of mind. And then flashed an image of Farkhunda – a video clip recorded of the beating and the burning. I clicked on it, I should not have, but I did, I did, I did.

And the realisation that Farkhunda must have hurt, she must have felt agonising pain, she must have screamed, she must have shouted, she must have cried ‘help’, she must have cried ‘murder’, she must have been shocked, she must have been scared, she must have been frightened, she must have known that it was the end, she must have, she must have, she must have, and then she must have died, dawned on me.

Shame on the people who burn questioning women, men, children, of mainstream and minority religions. Who made these self-proclaimed clerics guardians of Islam, or gate-keepers of Islam?

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a very gentle man, he was famed for his honesty, kindness and gentle ways; it was the Prophet’s (pbuh) humanity that made many a people of that era, and of today, convert to Islam. There are countless stories of born again Muslims who have studied the Prophet (pbuh) and his teachings and have changed the course of their own lives for the better…

  • Surele Surele

    But it did, didn’t it? Whom are you going to blame this time?

    • eMan14

      I agree. She was and it did. These people weren’t Christians or Jews. They were not defending the Bible or Torah. They were not saving her from harm. Yes somehow Islam is know at The Religion of Peace.

  • roccolore

    I haven’t seen one Muslim group denounce this, especially CAIR.

  • tom_billesley

    Last I read was that she was regarded as very religious and criticized an imam for selling talismans. The imam denounced her to deflect attention from his sorcery..

    • Blacksmith

      Which just proves to me once again islam is a death cult.