Funding of Mosques in Canada needs introspection

In recent times, several mosques in Canada have been found to incite hatred against Canada, mostly quoting the Canadian government’s involvement in America’s missions in the Middle East killing Muslim brothers. Most of the Islamic religious leaders in Canada openly say that their religious affiliations are much superior to their nationality and openly speak of an Islamic brotherhood. An example of such a figure is Imam Aly Hindy of Salaheddin mosque in Toronto. The Toronto imam has long been known for his controversial comments. He called the 9/11 attacks a joint CIA operation, refused to join other imams in signing a statement condemning the 2005 London bombings and referred to the Toronto 18 terrorists as good people.

Along with the fundamentalist Imam, the worshippers are equally dangerous…

  • truepeers

    So it takes a newspaper half way around the world from Canada….!

  • cmh

    It is not illegal to promote 911 as a conspiracy. The real problem here is the Koran which largely contains genocidal statements which are conveyed through the Imams during sermons. The Koran needs to be banned.

  • Linda1000

    Our Gov’t should get out the business cult of religions starting with eliminating the federal office or ministry of religious affairs or whatever it’s called. Do we fund all churches, synagogues, temples the same as mosques? I doubt it, but if we do, our tax dollars should not be used for a social or personal choice of belief such as various religions. Defund the zero entertainment CBC monopoly also. The few $$ billions saved could be much better used for health care or improved highways, even sports facilities. Religious buildings are not a necessary requirement for basic needs in a country.

  • Mickey Oberman

    A single instance of anti racial, anti religious or anti Canadian rhetoric or action should be reason enough to shut down any mosque or madrassa permanently.

    Look what Islamic preaching has done and is doing in every country that permits it.

  • Everyone Else

    Dear BCF,

    This is an important story, written as it was by a news organization based in India.

    Can you bump it to the top again, and maybe flag it more strongly>

    • cmh

      and at the same time please email it to Harper, CSIS, RCMP, the Cdn Military, and all local law enforcement offices.

  • moraywatson

    All muslim organizations are existentially political. Therefore no muslim organization in Canada should have charitable status.