Father of chav sharmuta who ran off to join ISIS not quite as nice as he’s making out

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

…As the remainder of the flag burns on the ground, Mr Hussen chants ‘Allahu Akbar’.

…Mr Hussen – the father of one of the three schoolgirls who fled Britain to join Islamic State – then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag on the floor and begins to chant and gesture toward it.

…He is one of a dozen fanatics standing behind a banner which proclaims: ‘The followers of Mohammed will conquer America.’ Behind him, hundreds of fanatics repeatedly chant incendiary slogans while holding menacing black jihadi flags.

Among the rabble-rousers was notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who has led a number of Islamist groups that were subsequently banned.

Alongside him stood Michael Adebowale, one of the two Muslim converts who murdered and almost beheaded Fusilier Lee Rigby in the name of Allah eight months later.

But is she as enticing as a goat?

…But last month Mr Hussen gave evidence to Parliament refusing to accept any responsibility for the three

schoolgirls’ actions, instead seeking to blame the police, teachers, Turkish officials and others.

In an extraordinary exchange at the home affairs select committee, Mr Hussen, who was with the families of the other two girls, denied even knowing what Islamic radicalisation was.

…‘As for me, I don’t know the symptoms even — what radicalisation is,’ he told MPs.  h/t

  • A Muslim lying? Shame on you Black Mamba!

    • Scotland Yard radicalized the poor kid. It’s the only possible explanation.

      • Well Hitler had a dog and a girlfriend!

      • winniec

        No! Mossad did it. No! The CIA radicalized them.
        What is the meaning of ‘radicalization’ anyway?

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          …constant Joooo-ish microagressions…

  • Alain

    This was a surprise?

  • roccolore

    Muslim fascists play the victim like always.

  • Jason

    They’re all obviously so happy and grateful to be a part of Western society. That’s why it’s always so baffling when their children run off to join ISIS. Very hard to understand. Actually, it isn’t. They hated us before they came; they continue to hate us after they come and teach their offspring to do the same.

    • winniec

      Justin T. sez they feel alienated and so want to kill Shi’ites.

    • We could get them some Parkas ya know.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        …and socks. Don’t forget clean socks. Mind you, you’ll have to have someone show them how to put them on…

  • winniec

    Is a teenager who joins the UK army cadets ‘radicalised’? Is a UK university student who wants a career in the Royal Navy ‘radicalised’? Then if a young Muslim wants to fight for Islamic supremacism, is he ‘radicalised’ or not?

    • Blacksmith

      Not radicalized, it is just plain old islam.

  • Blacksmith

    “‘As for me, I don’t know the symptoms even — what radicalisation is,’ he told MPs.”

    I believe him, The things he has said and done are not radical they are mainstream islam.

  • barryjr

    Whomever raised the kids and indoctrinated them into a radical death cult made up of racist misogynists is to blame for the little morons running off to Syria.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Muzzle’em Law…when caught in a corner, lie your way out.