Ezra Levant: Budget ‘worst in Alberta’s history’

Ezra Levant reports for TheRebel.media

The new Alberta budget is the worst in the provinces history: It spends the most, taxes the most and has the largest deficit.

You’d think the Liberals were in control, and you’d sort of be right, because the province is being run by a leftwing PC leader named Jim Prentice.

He could never have gotten away with this even six months ago. That was before the implosion of the Wildrose Party, after Preston Manning’s atrociously undemocratic interference.

Some say Alberta’s problems are due to the drop in oil prices, but Levant explains why this is a lie.

  • jayme

    Just bring up the new arena and people in Edmonton have a fit saying its needed.

  • DMB

    The competition is getting more crowded with Canada’s provinces in its race to the economic bottom with Ontario now in the lead.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with Ezra’s discussion of the notorious Manning-Prentice-Danielle Smith conspiracy, to destroy effective democracy in Alberta. And I agree that the huge majority of the PCs (now that Wildrose is decimated) has led to a budget with tax increases.

    Where I take issue with Ezra is where he states that the falling oil price makes no difference as to whether or not Alberta would be in deficit. This is silly, and I am not sure Ezra is truly aware of the depressed conditions in Alberta. And it is both oil and natural gas which is depressed. With the energy depressions, Alberta’s revenues have fallen like a stone. Heence the $5-billion deficit.

    Where the PC party went wrong (and why the early Wildrose Party is right after all these years), is that the PC Alberta government overspent during the past decade at least, spending its Heritage money. Alberta should have saved the money (and kept government small) after all of these years. Ezra thinks it is the one budget that stinks. Actually it is the past 10 or 12 budgets which have stunk.

    What the Wlidrose should do is campaign on a pledge to remove the health tax, and other nasty tax increases, and to shrink government. Actually, they could gain a great-deal of seats by running on this pledge in the next election. And Wildrose could spit in the eye of the Manning-Prentice-Smith cabal.