Convince a generation that Ukip resemble the Nazis and you can make them do anything

There was something genuinely frightening about the disturbance aimed at Nigel Farage and his family this weekend; what’s scary is that there seem to be so many people in our country who think a man having lunch with his family is a legitimate target for such a stunt because of his views. If you’re prepared to do that in front of people’s kids, you can likely do anything.

Their self-justification was telling; as one protester put it, Farage was a target because he ‘othered’ people. In my experience people who use the word othered are quite quick to ‘other’ anyone who disagrees with them. Likewise when another one of the crowd gets aggressive with someone he believes works for a ‘back-stabbing Tory rag’, he says his rage is out of ‘love for disabled people’.

Aside from the group’s unwittingly Christian idea that there should be no in groups or out groups, something shared by very, very few people outside the west, there is the historical argument that in their attitudes to migrants Ukip resemble the Nazis.

This is the story that a generation has been taught, that Nazi Germany’s exceptional crimes were an extension of conservative beliefs, a product of their view of in-groups and out-groups, and of national identity generally. In this way the Second World War has become part of the diversity cult…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Everyone but the left is routinely denounced as fascists these days.
    Oddly enough, eventually that will likely usher in the REAL fascists.

    • ntt1

      Yeah, as a conservative liking small/er Government I routinely get denounced as a fascist ( don’t worry I make a rhino look hyper sensitive) yet fascism in its true form is closest to what the Chi-Coms have morphed into.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I get called a Nazi by socialists all the time.
        To which I reply that Nazis were socialists, it’s in the goddamned name.
        Socialist, I say, I am a Conservative.
        And you, Socialist are a Communist and a totalitarian.

        • ntt1

          Both our kids were told the Nazis were far right by their social studies teacher, with the second one we demanded a sit down with the teacher, she was a lefty and would not accept that national socialists were national socialists. Even pointing out what a Volks wagon was (peoples car) Both kids learned to question sketchy history from Marxists after that.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Mine are still in school and I have to deprogram them every other day.

    • Alain

      They are the REAL fascists.

  • eMan14

    When you think about how our education system has tried and successfully programmed many of our students to believe everything we were and achieved in the past was because of white privilege or outdated ideas. That independent thought, hard work, morality, and curiosity and imagination meant nothing if it didn’t include the “virtues’ of diversity, inclusiveness, and entitlement.
    We have mostly created a world in which the obstacles and dangers that we need to overcome will overcome us because we no longer have the virtues that made us successful in the past.

    • Alain

      Thanks to allowing the take-over of education in the West by cultural marxists.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Othering” other people (particularly enemies) is a basic component of human nature.

  • What Culture Is Yours?

    Islam will conquer the entire of Western Civilization – this is inevitable.

    And they won’t conquer it via attacks – as a matter of fact, their attacks only serve to hinder their chances, not help them.

    There are many reasons for this coming to pass – The betrayal of the Western Female against her people, the Regimes pushing and promoting it out of fear, and the low birthrate of the native Westerners (goes back to the Western Female betrayer).

    But the main reason is Societal/Civilization rot that we can all see now from Marxism.

    There is a picture floating around that makes this point so succulent it is simply breathtaking.

    In this picture you have a British flag as a background, on one side you have a follower of Islam, a Jihadi, gun slung across his shoulder, standing tall and straight, face covered looking like a warrior. This obviously is representing Muslim/Islam culture.

    On the otherside you have the representation of modern Western Culture – a longhaired, old hippy skipping across wearing sandal’s. He has a shirt with the words ‘Multiculti’ on it, and is holding a flower in his hand. He has a stupid smile on his face.

    In front of these two pictures is a native European Son. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is walking in front of both of the representation of Culture and he is looking back at the Muslim.

    What this image is saying is basically simple: Islamic Culture will become more appealing to Western Men than modern Western Culture will.

    Can any of us disagree, truly?

    I’m European Son in my 20s. I visit all the European Resistance sites. I count myself amongst them. I feel love, pride, respect for people like Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, etc. I have talked before about the Saracen threat, about the genocide of our people, about the demographic ethnic-cleansing, and so on.

    However, when I look at the culture of the West today, I am filled with revulsion. I see men like me being attacked and stigmatized. I see us being discriminated against (in our own lands!!), I see us being betrayed by our own females, I see us being gelded and our manhoods ripped from us. I see us with no children, not knowing what fatherhood is. I see us walking around the streets wearing skin tight pants, stupid looking facial hair, tans, etc. looking extremely metrosexual and it feels me with disgust. How weak we look! How weak we ARE. I see this entire culture looking at me and those like me with absolutely hatred.

    Then I look at this foreign and alien culture of Islam.. and I see a culture that is so radically different from this culture I no longer feel part of, this culture I no longer feel kinship with, and I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I see how it nurtures strong men. I see how it’s male dominate. I see how loyal the women are. I see how strong the ideology is. I see how the men there are not ostracized, discriminated against, or looked at as weak – but celebrated! I see how strong its morals and values are.

    I see this, and then I turn and look back at the culture I was born into – a culture that is my native culture – and what I see grosses me out, what I feel is sickened. This isn’t my culture anymore. I don’t belong to this culture anymore.

    So my head turns back to the Islamic culture, and in it I can see my potential identity and finally where I can go to belong. A place where I am not hated because I’m a man. A place where my sisters won’t dress like harlots, where wives won’t spit in the face of their families and destroy their own people, where men like me aren’t cowed or fearful or behave like lambs to a slaughter, but like Lions in the jungle.

    And that’s why Islam will win.

    When even I, an awakened, enlightened European male, who counts Charles Martel, Jan Soblieski, El Cid, Vlad Tepes, as my heroes can be tempted – it’s inevitable.

    • ntt1

      A paid announcement from a follower of mo

      • What Culture Is Yours?

        No. Simply the truth and you know it. You can’t refute a single line because it’s the reality we live today.

        We are trapped between two cultures for which we don’t belong:

        One is the Culture we were born into, a culture our forebears helped create, a culture that was ra ped and destroyed by Cultural Marxism and turned into the heaping pile of sh it it is today.

        The other is an alien culture that has been trying to conquer us and our lands for thousands of years, a culture that was fought off by our ancestors and removed from our lands.

        But today our culture was taken from us. Robbed from us. Now we are nomads – no culture, no identity, no land.

        With a huge percentage of our people (at least 70%) who adhere to self-hating and self-destructive ideologies, and female kin slitting our throats with their repeatable betrayals.

        • ntt1

          I live simply, raise my children and wait until it is time to defend my way of life as my father did and his father before, people like you tend to get in the way.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Have you been asleep for the last 10 or 15 years? The time to ‘defend my way of life’ was a decade ago. People like you, people of all talk no action is why we are where we are.

            People like you allowed Cultural Marxism to ra pe our cultures. You allowed our then poisoned culture to be used as a weapon against us, to ostracize us, to figuratively slit our throats.

            Your children will grow up in a Country where they are a minority and everyone else hates and despises them because of the color of their skin, hair and eyes.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Because you are a European Son you see the world more dire than mine.
            My European ancestors left Europe and yours did not.
            My European ancestors came to North America in boats to escape Europe.
            And they went back twice in boats, once in WWI and again in WWII to defend your way of life.
            After it was done we protected you for free while you squandered everything on your welfare states and some crazy Pan-European Dream.
            Europe is on it’s own.
            They can fuck off.
            You can moan or leave.
            Your choice.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            I wasn’t born in Europe, but Europe runs in my veins. My ancestors took my family from the homeland also, but I still feel massive kinship with the awakened peoples of Europe.

            You are also hideously mistaken if you think what is happening in Europe is not happening in the United States, Australia or Canada.

            In South Africa a genocide and ethnic-cleansing of White South Africans is already happening. Last I checked 20 of every 50 mur der victims were White.

            And in the United States, the European majority is being constantly and rapidly eroded by the Marxists who have taken power there, along with stirring up racial tension against European Americans. Also, European-Americans are constantly beaten, ra ped and mur dered in the streets there and get no justice.

            You can run, Dance, but you cannot hide.

          • ntt1

            did you learn this hysterical style studying at a madrassa?

          • Linda1000

            He’s right about the demographics. Vancouver and Toronto are projected to be white minority cities by 2030. That’s only 15 years away. I don’t see any change in our immigration policy on the horizon either. In fact ýwe are doubling or tripling down on it and Europe doesn’t seem to have an immigration policy anymore, just open borders for everyone

          • ntt1

            he is making hysterical projections ,yes Europe has destroyed itself by importing millions of hostile colonists , and no Vancouver is not even remotely the same. I live near Vancouver, grew up here and it has always had a major oriental population. they fit in well, always have. they are committed to making their own way, contrasted with the muslim male with his string of wives all on welfare, not even close.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            It’s not the home land.
            It’s the Old Country.
            And there are very good reasons why my family’s ancestors left.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            I disagree. Europe will always be our homeland. Always. It’s where our people originated. It’s where our DNA was constructed. It’s where we began.

            To erase that is to erase us.

            What will you be, Dance I wonder, when the year is 2090 and the United States demographic is:

            20% White/European
            80% Other

            Or how about in 2120 when it is:

            5% White/European
            95% Other

            Will it still be your ‘New Country’ or will our people be evicted from there?

            If we can be evicted from our own homelands – we can be driven from an outpost established by our ancestors centuries ago.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            What is this a fucking Hallowe’en movie?

        • mobuyus

          You are obviously a flop with Chicks. Try some Love Potion#9.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            It’s not about me, or you.

            It’s about our people. As a whole. You cannot see the forest for the tree’s.

            You watch the river, but miss the ocean.

            You stare at the clouds, but ignore the lightning.

            Our current trend, under the poisonous culture of Marxism is extinction.

            Our low birthrate already ensures that – our inaction and the betrayal against us from within just makes the point we reach the end of the cliff that much shorter.

            Are you aware that women of European descent have the following stats:

            Highest Infidelity rates
            Highest Divorce rates
            Lowest Same-Race birthrate
            Highest Interracial Mixing rates

            Put those all together – what do you get, Brother?

            Broken families, little children, and eventually extinction.

            See, I’m watching the entire forest – every tree. I swim in the ocean. I watch the lightning strike the ground.

            I see what you do not.

          • ntt1

            I can see you ‘re nuts .

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            You’re simply ignorant, and stuck in the denial phase. Incapable of refuting a single point, you ignore the message and attack the messenger.

            It reminds me of arguing climate change with a Marxist.

          • ntt1

            you are way wrong and still nuts

          • So what’s the plan? Britain (I assume you’re British) converts to Islam, which will give it the cojones to kick out all the non-ethnic British Muslims?

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Native Britons converting to Islam and adhering to Islamic ideology and laws does these things:

            One – it rids us of the traitorous, cancerous Marxist Culture that rules us now – the very reason we sit upon the precipice of extinction.

            Two – Our birthrates explode, and once again our lands are filled with the sounds of OUR children.

            Three – We find our lost manhood, our lost and stole strength and once again we become Lions instead of the lambs we are today.

            Four – The self-hatred, the self-destruction, the self-sabotage so inherit in so many of our people, especially our females, melts away like fog. Our women become Mothers once again, our matriarchs and the protectors and nurturers of our children and homes.

            Five – We repopulate. We transform our demographic death spiral from the elderly heavy it is today, to a youth dominate age structure.

            The filthy child ra pists who defiled our Daughter’s, the future lifeblood of our people, wouldn’t walk away free if they did this then.

            Our people become Warriors once again.

            The other side is this: We continue as we are. Currently, by the year 2150 the European Native population of Europe will be less than 5%. Globally, Europeans will account for less than 1% of the population. In the United States, Australia and Canada, their European population would be all but gone.

            Over 70% of the worlds people will be Muslim.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Alright, fuckface that’s it.
            Get the fuck out of here.
            If I see you on the street I’m going to punch you in the face.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            No you won’t. If you saw me in the street you’d do what you always do when you walk the street – stare at your shoes.

            You’d brush past me not even knowing who I am.

            I look like you. I speak the same language as you.

            I could be your Son, or your Brother.

            You walk pass me everyday, and I walk pass people like you everyday.

            We never speak. We never look up. We never acknowledge.

            Meanwhile, our people continue to suffer because we just want to live our miserable lives.

            Hamsters in a wheel.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Maybe you should just watch Fight Club a second time and get this out of your system.
            If I saw you and knew who you were I would park your ass on the ground because you are fucking dangerous.
            Just like I would kill a rat.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Dangerous? How the hell am I dangerous?

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Muslims defile other people’s daughters.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Our people become warriors when reverts like you threaten our way of life.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Our peoples have been attacked – even on our own soil. Our Daughter’s subjected to unspeakable tortures.

            What price was paid by the Saracen’s who inflicted such agony on us?

            Nothing! They still grow in our lands. They still conquer more of our society.

            We’ll never become Warriors as we currently are because it has been bred out of us!

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Saracens are muslims.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            I know who and what Saracen’s are.

            As I told you – I remember the heroes of Europe and who they fought and what they called them.

          • ntt1

            Speak for yourself Numbnuts, there will be no muslim peace in this land ever, dickless wonders like yourself are actually worse than the muslim . you are dhimmi

          • “A place where my sisters won’t dress like harlots…”

            “…the self-sabotage so inherit in so many of our people, especially our females, melts away like fog. Our women become Mothers once again, our matriarchs and the protectors and nurturers of our children and homes.”

            Indeed. Who doesn’t love a bint in a bag? Nothing more British than that.

            This could be your sister. Or your mom. Or one of your cousins/child brides. Or a sex slave (maybe invade France or something? Stock up on some slave girls?). And I bet she’d respect the hell out of you, or else. Good times.


            Restoring dignity to British womanhood and all that.

            10:1 you’re a Muslim.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Show we where Islamic women have to be covered up like that.

            Meanwhile, classy European women.


          • Yeah, she’s Mormon.

            You weary me, Achmed.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            No, I’m aware Islamic women dress like that. I find it utterly ridiculous.

            But like I asked – show me where it is mandated in Islam that they have to be covered like that.

            Hijabs – yes.

          • I’ll tell you what is koranically sanctioned: raping slave women and little girls. You can’t say it’s wrong ’cause Mo did it.

            Do you want to rape little girls, Achmed? Is that what this is about?

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            A strawman, now?

            I want to save my people. You would have us die and become extinct.

            Let me ask you this – what course would you have us take? Base it in reality if you can.

          • Yes. Your plan to convert everyone to Islam so as to evict the Muslims is rock solid.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Tell me your plan. Enlighten me.

          • I hereby carry out my plan to recommend that you a) stop trolling and/or b)resume your meds.

            Seriously, these issues are discussed all the time here, you’re free to read the blog, but I’m not jumping through any hoops for some dude who’s crazy and/or lying.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            I read your blog everyday. I depend on VladTepes, GoV, BCF and BNI.

            If you don’t wish for me to post, I will respect your wish.

            But I think even you know, perhaps better than most, the situation we are in is dire and unprecedented.

            Solutions have to be thought about. Courses have to be charted. Problems have to be discussed.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Oh MY God!
            That is the funniest thing I have heard in days!
            And I listen to the Amazing Colossal Podcast.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            No. Converting to Islam means the immigration stops, because cultural Marxism dies.

            It also means we have a massive birthrate, meaning we out-breed the foreigners.

            As it was done before.

          • occupant 9

            I wasn’t sure what was going on with this thread with you until you posted this. No one who is on our side would dare suggest WE convert to Islam to stop Muslim immigration … to also stop the Marxists.

            The air of freedom does not include the slightest whiff of Islam.

          • You are a Muslim troll. Go away.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            This guy is Fifty Shades of muslim gay.

          • marty

            That’s the best you can do? What are you.. like 80 ? That could be a church brunch these days. And if you’re not a paid agent provocateur you should be.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Egypt has a very high birth rate, as does Somalia yet they keep asking Western countries for money and bread to feed themselves because they cannot.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            They are not European.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            They are muslim and that’s what happens to a muslim culture.
            They breed like rabbits and starve.
            So, they have to start wars to get rid of their surplus people.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I know my culture.
          And it’s been strengthened by native culture.
          I married into it.

      • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

        It’s a pretty slick announcement. They’re getting better at it.

        • ntt1

          He is a bedwetting dhimmi

    • mobuyus

      You are a leftist that despises itself and it’s parent culture ,your brain has been marinated in political correctness. In your addled state you have heeded the wretched siren call of islam.You and your cohort are the most privileged and prosperous people that have ever lived. You want to throw that away and decorate a muslim grave,all because you can’t get a date You poor fucker you can’t even make it with easy liberal chicks. You can’t get a girlfriend so you fantasize you are some terrorist schmuck.May Chonga help you if you start killing innocent people.

      • What Culture Is Yours?

        You couldn’t be further off the mark, Mobu.

        I’m a very strict European Identitarian who believes very strongly in ethno-nationalism.

        Calling me a Marxist, Communist or other vile form of Leftist is disgusting and misguided, and truly ignorant. I share nothing, absolutely nothing in common with Leftist Europeans, I would argue even the very blood in our veins is different.

        There has to be a reason they succumbed to the social-engineering and I never did.

        You simply refuse to see what is in front of you.

        Our people are disgustingly weak. We are filled with self-hatred, and hatred of our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

        Our Sisters slit our throats to the glee and admiration of those not of us.

        We give birth to very little young, and show no strengthen in protecting those we do have – as evidence of the Terror of the native Daughter’s of England.

        Our inaction, our apathy, our weakness has caught up to us and now we are stuck in no-where land.

        We have two choices, no more, no less. We continue to try and scratch and claw and find our place in our current disgusting Western Culture, diseased as it is by Cultural Marxism, or we walk into the arms of Islam for survival.

        Here’s the reality – if we choose to keep allowing the umbrella of Cultural Marxism (Which is what Western Culture is now) then we will surely perish and become an extinct people the same way the native Americans did.

        If we shed our Marxist skins and become Muslims, we could finally find our strength again.

        • So you’re a convert to Islam?

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            No, today I still scratch, claw and try to find my place amongst the rotten corpse of the civilization my forefathers bled to create.

            Today I’m still flying the Cross, still remember my heroes, still remember my people, my Brothers and Sisters.

            Still see not Muslims, but Saracen’s. Not immigrants, but Invaders. Not just settlers, but Conquerors.

            But, I confess, I grow weary, tired, and the weight of this burden, resting upon the millions of cuts of betrayal that have been inflicted upon all of us is crushing me.

          • ntt1

            first get off the booze its a depressant, secondly throw away your thesaurus, is has been horribly abused

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            I don’t drink. Your insults are cute, though. A nice way to avoid the message when you can’t refute a single point.

            You know what you are sounding like right now? A Leftist/Marxist. They never debate – they attack.

          • ntt1

            Being drunk is the more humane suggestion for somebody of your mindset there are alternative terms but they get very rude very fast, terms like petulant, defeatist and childish are a few cleaner ones that come to mind. Europe is indeed sunk but it was done intentionally by its citizens . there will be no saving Europe from its self again twice is plenty thanks

          • ntt1

            yeah this guys speech rhythms are definitely those of a goat abuser, there is a certain kind of histrionics that only 1400 years of inbreeding can achieve.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            Again, more Leftism garbage. Rather than attack and destroy the message by refuting points (which you can’t) you resort to personal attacks as a Leftist does.

            It bothers me not.

            No, I’m not a Muslim, it’s possible I will be in the future though as this isolation from my peoples culture continues to progress.

          • ntt1

            You can be the new Vichy French then.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            You already are.
            Show yourself so I can smite thee head from thy neck.

          • Alain

            I don’t see this at all. I find there is a lot of truth in what this person is saying in spite of how it is said. This is why it puzzles me why everyone automatically goes into attack mode. Perhaps I am the only one being naive here and not understanding what is written.

          • “We have two choices, no more, no less. We continue to try and scratch and claw and find our place in our current disgusting Western Culture, diseased as it is by Cultural Marxism, or we walk into the arms of Islam for survival.

            Here’s the reality – if we choose to keep allowing the umbrella of Cultural Marxism (Which is what Western Culture is now) then we will surely perish and become an extinct people the same way the native Americans did.

            If we shed our Marxist skins and become Muslims, we could finally find our strength again.”

            Also note the extreme hostility towards women. He admires Islam, and is especially keen on its sexual dynamic. “I see how it nurtures strong men. I see how it’s male dominate. I see how loyal the women are. I see how strong the ideology is. I see how the men there are not ostracized, discriminated against, or looked at as weak – but celebrated! I see how strong its morals and values are.”

            I think that’s usually the major incentive for Western male reverts.

          • Clink9

            I think it’s Tokyo Rose.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            I got the picture from the stains on your clothes.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Yeah, the stark prose.
            I almost enjoy now that I was inoculated against this by my brief exposure to the South Korean cults in university all those years ago.

          • Alain

            Right now I see how off the mark I was, especially since this person has added a lot more comments since I responded. Sorry to be so thick.

          • Well some of his stuff makes sense. Until it doesn’t.

          • ntt1

            it is guys like him that created the problem, now as their policies produce the new emerging Eurabia. they are flailing about looking for a fall guy. this guys misogyny marks him as a revert or a mentally ill person susceptible to islams violent image .

          • Linda1000

            He’s only in his 20s so how do you figure he created the problems in Europe today? And look at Canada and the U.S. with the idiot political traitors we the sheeple keep on choosing as leaders.

          • ntt1

            he is a defeatist dhimmi there were lots like him of all ages in Britain before the last war some say the king himself was a hitler sympathizer. He is like the guys strutting around in black uniforms waiting for the Germans to invade. There has always been “men” of his mentality, relative age has nothing to do with it. and yes his mentality has put Europe on the path to destruction, It will come to a head eventually and it will be bloody and there will be internment camps yet again but do not take his smug assumption that it is going to be halal all the way.

          • Linda1000

            Since the West continues to wring it’s hands about the IS group and still hasn’t taken them out, I see no fight coming that you reference. Our young people don’t have the stamina or mindset to fight for survival. What’s our strategy so far, extend the mission in Iraq and we don’t even know which group we are trying to take out or which side we are fighting on. There is no Churchill around today.

          • ntt1

            My God you sound just like him, maybe you should also convert and avoid the rush. you are right though in that certain Government officials are complicit in the muslim invasion. There will be a tipping point though. and there will be a reckoning .

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            The king you talk about abdicated, didn’t he?

          • ntt1

            It was STRONGLY recommended he abdicate and take up a position as the Governor of Bermuda ,The head of the Kennedy clan Joseph was the ambassador to the UK at the time and for his part in the scandal he was thrown out of Britain for consorting with the enemy. At the time Oswald Mosley had a growing black shirt movement that had attracted many aristocratic fools who thought hitler was the man of the hour. People like “what culture is yours” are not new, and when the faeces get ventilated, are first up for banishment or worse.

          • Fran800

            I too Alain see much in what he says. I find it very hard to defend out LGBTQ dominated culture. I usually talk about defending our FORMER culture.

          • marty

            Yeah it’s surely coincidental this tripe resonates with three members of the Vladimir Vladimirovich fan club.

          • Linda1000

            Hey, at least he knows how to fight and damn, he just looks better than Ozero or that witchy Shrillary. Don’t mess with tigers.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          You’re just a petty little man who can’t convince a girl to fuck you without taking her by force.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The sons and daughters of communists will have to fight to save themselves along side the sons and daughters of capitalists.
      They just don’t know it yet.

      • What Culture Is Yours?

        You look at our people as separate entities – I look at us as one.

        Tell me, what is the difference between a Marxist Native European, and a Marxist European American? Nothing.

        If we look at the European peoples as one people, one body – then we are deathly sick. Our body is full of cancers that are eating and destroying us little by little.

        The cancer is obviously Marxist Europeans. They look like us. They even speak in the same tongues as us. But they are not us. They are the Trojan horse within, the poisoned meat under the flesh.

        But to try and create a barrier, or a separation between any European people is the exact reason South African Europeans are suffering under a genocide and ethnic-cleansing right now and none of our people care.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I care about white South Africans.
          They should be repatriated to North America.
          Then South Africa will collapse.

          • What Culture Is Yours?

            The United States denies them Refugee, Asylum and Immigration status.

            So too does Europe.

          • Fran800

            So does Europe. I recall a few years ago, a white South African was granted refugee status in Canada. the South African state protested, and his refugee status was revoked.
            North American and Australia are part of the European diaspora. So were white South Africans. Under white rule, South Africa had the highest GDP in the continent of Africa. now it is on the way to being a filed state.


            “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from post-Apartheid South Africa”. It is a polemical work anchored in history, reality, fact, and the political philosophy of classical liberalism. It is a manifesto against mass society, arguing against raw, ripe, democracy, here (in the US), there (in South Africa), and everywhere. Into the Cannibal’s Pot follows Russell Kirk’s contention that true freedom can be found only within the framework of a social order. It is a reminder that, however imperfect, civilized societies are fragile. They can, and will, crumble in culturally inhospitable climes. The tyranny of political correctness, so unique to the West plays a role in their near-collapse. Advanced societies don’t just die; they either wither from within, or, like South Africa, are finished off by other western societies. Ilana Mercer delivers a compelling book; it is required reading for thinking people who care about the destiny of western civilization.
            Freedom cannot survive “diversity”.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I just grabbed that book at Amazon for my Kindle

        • ntt1

          Are you saying that the Europeans precious bodily fluids are being polluted by Marxism? I have heard that before….somewhere else a movie perhaps..

        • Linda1000

          I think you just explained why there are already numerous young Europeans, North Americans, Australians converting to Islam and going off to fight for the Islamic State. They are looking for an identity, a sense of belonging and the attraction of strength in fighting for a cause of spreading the caliphate.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Islam will conquer Europe but will not hold it.
      They have not the wherewithal to sustain the civilization and the technology for a modern society.
      They will be apes among the ruins.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Very short yet straight to the heart of the issue, Great writing.
    “that Nazi Germany’s exceptional crimes were an extension of conservative beliefs”
    That line is perfect.
    Keep up the good work Frau Katze.

  • Alain

    Why does anyone still believe the lie that the West won the Cold War?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They didn’t lose it, either.
      It’s just not over, yet.