Attempts to Undermine Democracies by Present Day Fifth Columnists

Americans have always been uncomfortable with conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, the specter of Fifth Columnists, groups of organized traitors in America, has been a real and haunting shadow. Its origins come from the 1936 Spanish Civil War, when a rebel general spoke of his four columns advancing on Madrid, and that he also had a “fifth column” of covert collaborators in the city.

Thereafter, Nazi spies and sympathizers were commonly referred to as Fifth Columnists.

At the start of the Cold War, Winston Churchill warned that Communist Fifth Columnists would seek to weaken democracies by sowing dissent among their citizens. Though widely discredited for his conduct and abuse of power, many of the charges made by Senator Joseph McCarthy concerning Communist infiltration of government would prove to be true when Kremlin files were released after the Soviet Union collapsed.

  • winniec

    Only 160,000 Muslims in Canada say they are in favour of TERRORIST GROUPS…so relax…only a few hundred out of them will be prepared to conduct jihad attacks…so relax! How much damage can a few hundred jihadists do across Canada?
    Justin T. should teach them about ‘cold weather’ jihad and provide blankets and warm winter camo coats for them.

    • That’s called diversity!

    • angrymike

      Worse yet, Canada doesn’t allow as easy access to handguns to protect themselves, diversity must end, or we as a people will end……….

      • DMB

        Toronto could have a Muslim convert as its new Police Chief, but media dare not mention this.— Salim Ehmad (@SalimEhmad) March 28, 2015

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          That would be racist!
          Their mere presence makes us all less free.

        • angrymike

          My God, what are ppl thinking ?????

          • Observer

            They aren’t thinking.

            As for those in university they are being taught how not to think but to want to be accepted by not questioning those around them.

          • Surele Surele

            Our future looks so bright with them in the helm.

      • Surele Surele

        That’s what is worrying me.