After Netanyahu, Does Obama Have Harper in His Crosshairs?

“One wonders if U.S. President Barack Obama will campaign as vigorously to defeat [Canadian] Prime Minister Stephen Harper this fall, as he did, unsuccessfully, to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in that country’s recent election.

  • luna

    It’s safe to assume so.

    • Heck yes, Justin has hired Americans for his campaign team.

      • luna

        I haven’t been paying attention to Canadian politics, but I like Harper. I’d hate to see him replaced by someone backed by a constituency of Muslim special interest groups.

        • That would be our Liberal and NDP parties.

          • Reader

            I have no doubt the “Democrats” will do the same to Harper as they did to Netanyahu, in funding nonprofit groups to attack them at election time and to provide free workers to their opponents campaigns.

            Now Obama is targeting western democratic “allies” for “regime change” while supporting the likes of Iran.

  • cmh

    Obama would love to see Harper in flames but he really hasn’t enough time left for much plotting. The Harper stance on Israel is intolerable to BO. Even so, it is hard to cut off your arm to spite your face when so many Americans love the face and are so intertwined..

  • I believe Obama will give it the old college try.

    He has to destabilise the West as much as he can.

    • Freedom

      Your on the right track but Obama is just a puppet. But it is a lot safer to just use Obama

      • Impeach Obama first. Then get his puppet-masters.

        Where can Tom Steyer hide?

  • Alain

    I suggest it is already happening. One example is the attempted and successful to date blockade of our oil industry. Rather than Saudi or Russian direct interference we have well funded American groups funding and orchestrating protests and civil disobedience against our natural resources. Second it is well known that what I call the Obama election team is working here to install the empty suit man-child Trudeau. So basically the ones pulling the strings of their puppet Obama are hard at work here.

  • Habnut

    Can a Canadian make a donation to an American candidate? I thought that was a no-no. So how does this work that an American can donate to Canadian politicians?

    • Reader

      No, an American cannot donated to a Canadian campaign just as a Canadian cannot donate to an American campaign.

      But as Obama did in Israel, he used government funds given to a nonprofit group who publicly denounced the incumbents in the media and provided logistics and campaign workers for the incumbents’ opponents’ campaigns.

      Just as rich leftwing American environmentalists give money to groups who then give it to Canadian nonprofit groups to oppose our oil and gas industry and some of those original donors are the great grandchildren of US industrialists who made their money in the oil and gas business.

      • Alain

        Thank you for explaining it very well.

  • barryjr

    Ban all foreign funds and foreigners from campaigning in Canada, that includes people with dual citizenship, all groups that receive one penny from foreign interests and make them pay income tax on any money these recipients receive from foreign groups. Allow individual Canadians to donate up to $100 each as long as they are of legal voting age and NO contributions from any group or business.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If Obama’s track record of interventions holds, Harper will be reelected.

  • David Murrell

    Since Canada is a functioning democracy with an elected pro-Israel leader, one would think that Obama wants Harper out. Obama supports totalitarian states viciously opposed to Israel. And don’t forget that Obama raises millions of dollars at fundraisers — money that goes to media pockets and which pays for organization, both south and north of the border.

  • Minicapt

    The Grits have been linking up with the Dems’ political action advisers since about 1995/6, when Chretien began prepping for his second election.
    If you check the reports from the period following Obambi’s first win, you’ll find reference to the Grits buying Democrat Party election packages and voter data software, to the tune of several millions dollars.


  • Freedom

    The sooner every honest leader in the world understands that the Mafia has them in their crosshairs the better. If your leader is not fighting the Mafia he should understand the simple fact that the Mafia is fighting him. They don’t want any strong leaders in power, that simple.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Yes, Conservatives the world over are in the cross hairs of the current administration in the US.
    The plans laid out by Saul Alinsky in his Rules For Radicals, will be taught and applied to the Canadian electorate, and Justin will win because of it.
    There are too many people in Canada who think Obama walks on water. I believe there was a poll done not too long ago that indicate just this.