A Muslim-American Woman Speaks

“…In this interview, readers will encounter Emmie, a young lady who in many respects is very much like many American Muslims I know. Emmie is a twenty-something writer. Her immigrant parents are Sunni Muslim. They are devout, pray five times daily, and performed a pilgrimage to Mecca. Emmie is currently dating Rob, a non-Muslim, American man.

Before our interview, I meticulously planned questions on Islamic doctrine. Emmie showed little interest in doctrinal questions. Emmie wanted to talk about food, love, family, fashion, and sex. During the course of our interview, Emmie sometimes identified as a Muslim, and sometimes not.

“When I say ‘I’m Muslim,'” Emmie said. “I’m not the same Muslim as the hijabi walking down Main Street in Paterson. I’m not the villains that terrorize nations. I’m not the Muslim that I used to be. I’m Muslim because I come from the culture, but I’m not Muslim because I no longer believe in the ideology. Maybe I’m my own kind of Muslim. Maybe I’m not. I like to think of myself as just Emmie.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Magic 8 ball says: Honor Kiling victim before the year is out.

  • Editor

    It would have been interesting to interview her “devout, pray five times daily” parents to get their opinions on islamic doctrine. You know, just for balance. Mainstream media seems way more interested on showcasing “moderate muslims” these days although I doubt there is such a thing. Taqiyyah would lead me to believe some muslims are just more discreet than others.

    • winniec

      ‘Extremist’ Muslims plant the bomb. ‘Moderate’ Muslims let them stay in their basement and then the ‘moderates’ hide the evidence. When the suspect is caught, the ‘moderates’ say, ‘He was quiet and kept to himself. I barely spoke to him.’ (In other words…I know nothing and wouldn’t tell you if I did…)
      ‘Moderates’ are just a different kind of liar.

      • luna

        “I’m not the villains that terrorize nations. I’m not the Muslim that I used to be.”

    • The MSM is so tolerant it lives in fear of asking hard questions to the Muslims it interviews.

      The MSM is a bad joke, the multicult narrative they continue to peddle is transparently false when it comes to Islam.

  • G

    “…Emmie is a twenty-something writer….”

    Another case of writer interviewing writer because it’s easier than talking to anybody else.

    I tune out when I hear or read this crap because you know if the useless shit who wrote the story was too lazy to find someone out of their circle to interview then they are more than likely too lazy to fit in facts contrary to their preferred narrative.

    • winniec

      ‘Emmie’ probably knows more about Islam than she lets on. She is another kind of liar.
      No Muslim admits to understanding how evil jihad is…yet they all know. They are practiced liars who lie as naturally as healthy people breathe.

  • There are lots of human values that hold Islam together. And the cultural issue, excluding religion, is one. This is vary similar to atheist Americans who enjoy celebrating Christmas even tho they are not “religious”.

    But “cultural Muslims” are still a part of the problem.

    • winniec

      “She is unfortunately guilty of supporting the Islamic killing cult.”
      You are right. She is supporting the Death Cult, because she does not denounce it. She can become an active Muslim jihadist at any moment.
      If the jihadists attacked at the local shopping centre, whose side would ‘Emmie’ be on? Would ‘Emmie’ abandon her kafir ‘friends’ to the jihadists? I believe 99% of cultural Muslims would abandon the kafirs.

  • Dana Garcia

    You can’t trust “moderate” non-chopper Muslims to remain that way. Islam is like a dormant disease that may become inflamed at some future date. There are many cases of Muslims who appear assimilated who go jihad.

    Shirwa Ahmed attended a Minneapolis high school where he had American friends, played basketball and took a girl to the prom. A few years later he traveled to Mogadishu and blew up 30 people.


    • Our political class says we should celebrate such diversity.

  • Thus emerges the nominal Muslim.

  • canminuteman

    I think that there are probably a lot of muslims like her about. But we know that when the muslim population reaches a critical mass and start pushing, she will side with them, and not us. Also, her parents will probably ensure that she marries a muslim and her kids could turn out to be radical killers. That is pretty much what happened in Britain, where it is the second generation ones who end to be the nutbars.