UK: Miliband’s £2.7million house in north London means he is the only party leader who would be hit by his mansion tax

As Labour leader Ed Miliband has railed against the owners of large homes and vowed they must pay more through his controversial ‘mansion tax’.

But now it has emerged that he is the only party leader who would be liable to pay the levy on their property.

The Labour leader’s house in north London is said to be worth more than the £2million threshold he has set for the tax, while David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage all live in cheaper properties…

So the leader of the so-called “Labour” Party lives in the most expensive house?

  • Bataviawillem

    If that house is worth 2.7 mil. my house here in hamilton should easily fetch 10 mil.
    in reality I would be happy with 350,000.-

    • Frau Katze

      Lndon, England is extremely expensive.

      • Bataviawillem

        No shit, that’s crazy, that house would not fetch 200,000.- here.

  • Barrington Minge

    Ah, but remember, Ed Miliband is a SOCIALIST… that means once he has got his stash, everybody else can go swivel. Shyte as usual floats to the top, particularly socialist shyte.
    And he has the brass neck to accuse Camaron of being a rich toff. Typical socialist hypocracy.