There’s “Never Been a Worse Time for Muslims in Canada”? Give Me a Freaking Break!

Oh please.

Another whiny screed from the religion of perpetual victimhood.

  • Clink9

    They should take the next flight out to Inbredistan. Much safer there.

  • Take a thousand people soon after they are born. Start teaching them the hateful passages in Islamic theology during their first three years. What will you get?

    You will get small but significant number of believers who believe beyond any doubt those hateful passages.

    This is what Islam does. After that it is simply numbers.

  • Rosenmops

    Canada is a terrible terrible place. Warn all Muslim’s to stay away!

  • Linda1000

    Hanson is just another politician looking for muslim votes. Glad he’s gone as head of Calgary police.

  • cmh

    Maybe they and their filthy culture should start thinking about relocating to another country because our intolerance is only just beginning….

  • Censored_often

    The Harper government’s immigration and refugee policy, in addition to foreign students (approx. 13,000 Saudi student visas!) is atrocious!

    As well, I’m waiting for Mississauga to formally change its name to “Islamissauga” at the rate demography is altering the landscape in large sections.

  • eMan14

    “There has never been a tougher time to grow up,” Hanson told the students ‘group.
    No one person or group previously had any problems or issues growing up in this country. We never had it so easy as before. No poverty, no crime, no hunger, no disease. No wars were ever fought. No computers, no personal phones. No problems.
    But now that we have Muslims in the country… it’s never been tougher to grow up.

  • cmh

    This is the type of thing muslims can expect here too.

  • JoKeR

    You better enact sharia law and meet all our other demands or the media will portray you all as racist islamophobes!

  • pdxnag

    The demand to be treated as your religiously mandated supremacist superiors is absolute and absolutely intolerant of any hint of resistance or rebellion among the non-Muslims. Why else would more than half of Islamic text and doctrine be dedicated to harassing non-Muslims if the pious were not expected to harass non-Muslims incessantly?

  • Morticiaa

    Wearing a Charlie Hebdo tshirt in edmonton, two black clad Islamic women grabbed my phone, threw it on the ground, then then threw a coffee in my face and all over my coat. A very reliable store witness
    Saw the whole thing and verified I said or did nothing, as well as the video the police later acquired from the Subway station. However, even when I tried to file charges, the women could not be identified. When the police came to my home later, I had to explain to one cop, when he tried to insinuate that wearing thus tshitprt was the same as wearing a nazi tshirt, that there were many differences.
    SECOND incident of of bad it is for the poor Muslims occurred at the ymca where a woman wearing hijab working at reception desk called
    Me over to ask abit my tshirt as i went to work out. When I explained she became hysterical, began yelling insults and personal abuse as I
    Backed away and went up the stairs to the workout area. Later the manager called. ME to leave a message that I should come into the office for an interview. I phoned her back and told her shape had a responsibility to train her staff properly. I contacted the president and
    General manager….their response to me afterward was polite, but questionable, at first, he asked if I would be willing to stop wearing the shirt, which I said NO…and finally, they did tell me they cautioned their staff and she was apologetic realizing her inappropriate behaviour.
    Muslims on Canada will continue to push and push.
    I am daily shocked by the increasing number of Muslims in costume that I see on our streets and in our institutions,
    My dream would be to see the all the MP’s ride the subways, in all major cities. For 8 hours a day peak am and pm for one week field trips. The demographic shock sends any intelligent person into a spin.

    • Rosenmops

      So you were assaulted by muslims and the police say it was your fault for wearing a t-shirt. Looks as if we already have Sharia law.

    • marty

      Few truly believe the police aren’t their friends until experiencing events proving that the police aren’t their friends. I guess you have your very own white-nationalist neo-nazi troublemaker file now. Good luck and stay safe.

    • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

      “When the police came to my home later, I had to explain to one cop, when he tried to insinuate that wearing thus tshitprt was the same as wearing a nazi tshirt, that there were many differences” I am stunned. This isn’t how our country should work. I think Marty is right but this is just plain wrong.

  • Well, they DO have the right to vote, own property, worship and whine at will.

    It must be awful for them.