Radical Islam’s War against the Past

The murder of the past is an effective form of cultural homicide.

We have heard much of late of the slash-and-burn frenzies of the Muslim hordes pillaging and slaughtering their way through parts of Africa and the Middle East. It is not only Christians, lapsed communicants, perceived heretics and foreigners who are the victims of their confessional ferocity and predatory aims, but the architecture and muniments of civilization itself. The threat which Islam poses to the life of the West should be obvious to anyone who is not complicit, gullible or mentally defective. To fully understand the menace, we must recognize that the Islamic attack is multi-pronged, taking place on a number of levels or fronts all working in concert, and gaining traction with every passing day.

  • ontario john

    The liberal elites that control all discussion of what’s important gloss over the clear and present danger of islam, but concentrate on their own pet hobby horses. They get upset over the news that french and english students ride the same bus in New Brunswick(the horror), or celebrate that a university in Manitoba now requires all students to take a whiny indian course in order to graduate.

    • winniec

      “The liberal elites” are all incompetents who should lose their political and pundit jobs. Their inability to see, observe and interpret properly is caused by the fact that they know almost ZERO about Islam, like it that way and are too lazy to actually LEARN anything.

      “The liberal elites” are boneheaded know-it-alls who guess, speculate deduce, infer, presume, estimate, suppose, conjecture, imagine, wonder if, consider, assume, hypothesize, tend to believe, take for granted, venture to believe that jihadists have NOTHING to do with Islam and that Islam has NOTHING to do with the universal Islamic duty to subjugate the evil, heinous kafirs under one international, totalitarian government.
      Justin and Mulcair are the chief boneheads along with the editors at the CBC and the Star and Crescent.

      • That is often the case I suspect. They continually trot out the Ahmadiyya as representative of Islam when in fact they are reviled by both Sunni & Shia.

        Never do you see the MSM serve other than as an apologist, I do not recall an interview in Canada that asked a Muslim hard question sabout the basic tenets of their cult belief.

        • Linda1000

          Same for the Agha Khan and Ismailis in Canada. The two tiny groups of Ahmadi and Ismaili do not represent the standard majority Sharia law Islam from Saudi and Iran..

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      • G

        “The liberal elites” are all incompetents who should lose their political and pundit jobs”…..LAZY and INACCURATE.”

        Winniec, this is WHY they are political pundits and politicians.

        These people got into politics or the media BECAUSE they are lazy and have an overly inflated opinion of themselves.

        They didn’t study hard subjects in college because that requires too much work so they study journalism which is basically pablum.

        The few who do study something challenging enter journalism or politics because their egos will not allow them to work at a position that doesn’t put them at the center of attention. Doing productive work in the valuable background doesn’t feed them enough. So they become journalists or politicians.

        Look at Justin Turds . He was a part time dram teacher for pete’s sake. Look at Andrew Coyne. He got his job because of family and social connections.

        These people are useless Eloi.

    • Even the beheadings of progressives like themselves has not budged their world view that Islam is a religion of peace.

  • J. C.

    The West needs to make the Ka’bah go “KA-BOOM!”

  • Hard Little Machine

    The need to start blowing up everything built in the last 30 years, like all the power plants, hospitals, roads, farms and so on. Let it go all the way to Conan The Barbarian times.