Pakistan: The math of despair: 2015 in blasts and bodies

Three suicide bombers succeeded in exploding their vests inside or near this Shiite mosque, while one was unable to do so, February, 2015 [AFP] Source.

The South Asia Terrorism Portal keeps some dismal numbers. Collected via news reports and collated by year, and date and number of injured and number of dead; its pages and columns present in numbers the hurtling descent of Pakistan into the bloody quagmire.

I try not to look at these pages too often, those of us who work with words, be they readers and writers can be daunted by numerical realities.

Behind every click and column at this virtual stop there is tragedy; 2014 saw 380 bomb blasts, and the carnage the bombs unleashed took over 840 lives and left over 2100 injured. The blasts included the better known of catastrophes, the dead school children of Army Public School; and the Wagah Border catastrophe.

They also include the lesser known dead; blasts in Hazara Town and in the Tirah Valley, places for which the rest of the country just sighs and shrugs.

The portion of this year already passed promises little improvement. After mourning the little coffins of the children who died in Peshawar, announcing National Action Plans and a renewed zeal against terror, the powerful of the country seem to have (yet again) forgotten their promises…