Outbreak of Vibrant Multiculturalism & Diversity Feared: Muslim signs peace bond

MONTREAL — A Montreal man the RCMP fears will commit a terrorism offence has signed off on a peace bond.

Merouane Ghalmi made a brief court appearance today where the matter was settled.

The Crown says Ghalmi has agreed to abide by a lengthy list of conditions that includes handing over his passport and not communicating with people in Syria.

I feel safer knowing that members of the cult my government invited to settle in Canada will now be inconvenienced by Peace Bonds.

This will no doubt interfere with their belief that God has given them the right to murder we infidels.


  • ProgNorth

    This is akin to having a rat problem in your home. Instead of driving them out, or exterminating them, you place goodies about and hope against hope, that they don’t breed, spread diseases and take over.
    Whoever thinks this is a good idea, is playing leap frog with unicorns.

    • Mass immigration from Islamic states was a bad idea period. Islam does not play well with others, anywhere in the world.

      • ProgNorth

        However we gave up the idea, that western society is superior, a long time ago. In sports vernacular, we would call it ‘playing down to your opponents’. In real life, where it matters, we call it ‘liberalism’.

    • ntt1

      to be this stupid and dysfunctional one would need several poli-sci and arts degrees.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Judge: Right, off you go then. There’s a good lad!

  • ntt1

    Why are we retaining these assholes? if they are so exited by the home sand box send then there , and cancel any means of return, cancel passports and automatically place on the. no fly list.