Let’s Stop Expecting Islam to be Christian

“…Temperance, moderation, and nonviolence are what we need, therefore any violence associated with Islam must be blamed on those who are not real Muslims. Cardinal Dolan is both a spiritual leader and a politician (in the best sense of the term). As a politician, this statement makes sense: frame the issue in terms that you find acceptable. But as a matter of historical truth, the idea that Islam is naturally “temperate” and “moderate” is simply not true.

There are indeed temperate, moderate followers of Islam. And we should hope their number increases in proportion to the number who are neither temperate nor moderate. But to claim that moderates alone are “real Muslims” is an act of historical and religious revisionism that is fooling no one—except, perhaps, us Westerners.”

  • Gary

    Irshad Manji keeps banging her drum that islam is a religion of peace and close to 400 million followers have it all wrong.
    Irshad sounds like she would be happier as a Christian , but she has that same problem as the people that go to pet store and buy a cat that they bring back because it’s needy and doesn’t bark to protect the house when people come by.
    Irshad wants a cat that barks or a dog that is passive and needy that sleeps for long periods and is quiet.

    • Ain’t gonna happen Irshad, best buy some Kitty litter.

      • winniec

        Irshad Manji doesn’t see Islam is a loosely-knit sweater. Once you pull at a thread, the entire sweater unravels.

        There is therefore NO WAY to reform or ‘moderate’ or ‘mitigate’ the violence of Islam without undermining the authority of Islam. Islam’s authority is ENTIRELY based on violence for its support.

        Irshad Manji has no method for reforming Islam. Her Gay Muslim theologian friends will be arrested or kidnapped and killed if they get anywhere near an Islamic country and her Gay-Islam reformists will be assassinated her included. It’s so sad to see someone so deluded hanging onto the delusion of Islam.

        Why not just admit that Islam is false?

  • Alain

    Claiming that Islam preaches non violence and tolerance is like a man claiming to be a woman or a woman claiming to be a man. This only exists in a pretend world.

    • winniec

      It’s clueless and incompetent.

  • winniec

    Cardinal Dolan uses fallacious arguments to convince people that he knows what ‘real Islam’ is. The arguments are: the appeal to celebrity (he uses his cardinal title and appeals to his authority…would a cardinal lie to you?). Dolan also uses the fallacy of ignorance (because something is not known to be true (that Islam is violent), it is assumed to be false (i.e. Dolan claims without evidence that ‘real Islam’ is peaceful).

    Cardinal Dolan tries to convince us there is a ‘good’ Islam that is like Christianity…but what are the facts?

    1) there is no Golden Rule in Islam. K. 48.29 says Muslims are compassionate to fellow Muslims, but VIOLENT towards the kafirs.
    2) all Muslim scholars of the consensus have taught Muslims must fight and kill infidels to enlarge the Islamic state
    3) no example of an egalitarian Muslim state can be given; in no Sharia state is there equality between Muslims and non-Muslims or between men and women.
    4) Sharia law permits revenge killing, honour killing, murder of apostates, murder of blasphemers and murder of anyone who resists Islam, whether verbally or militarily. Christianity considers those things criminal.

    Cardinal Dolan’s comments are based on conjecture.

    • He should know from the Koran that Islam is heretical to Catholicism.

      He should certainly know from everything that has happened since September 11th, 2001 that Islam does not resemble Christian or Western thought.

      We need Cardinal Pell on this.

    • Gettingby

      You neglected to mention the #1 reason Islam and Christianity are fundamentally different. Christians rely upon the unearned, undeserved mercy of God for salvation. Islam requires one to earn salvation primarily through jihad.

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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Every time I see a picture of guys like these I wonder why they aren’t at work.
    I get home every day eleven hours after I get up in the morning.
    I don’t have time for that shit.
    Why do they?

    • Minicapt

      It is the Will of Allah, exemplified by the Prophet Mohammed, the Perfect Example.


  • Barrington Minge

    Man in centre: hey allah, what’s all this crap…I can’t F*cking read!!!!

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