Greenfield: Obama’s Chief of Staff Attended Conference with Call for Destruction of Israel

Obama’s Chief of Staff attended the anti-Israel J Street conference and called for an end to 50 years of Israeli occupation. That was a moderate position considering what some attended at the conference of the anti-Israel group were calling for.

Here at a panel featuring Peter Beinart, who recently called for freezing the assets of members of the Israeli government, Marcia Freedman, a Berkeley leftist called for the destruction of Israel. (from Elder of Ziyon)

Marcia Freedman’s argument is circuitous and buried in touchy-feel language, but its conclusion is unmistakeable. “We can begin to imagine a homeland for the Jewish people in which we are a minority, because we are a protected minority (Dhimmi)”…

Their “protected status” does not seem to be working in Yemen. How well has this worked for Middle East Christians? Are these people completely out of their minds?