Entire country of Sierra Leone shut down: Three-day quarantine begins in desperate attempt to curb new Ebola cases

Confirmed Ebola cases in Sierra Leone, pictured, seemed to be clustered near the country’s west coast

Sierra Leone is being shut down for three days in a bid to stop a surge in cases of Ebola.

The country’s president Ernest Koroma has ordered everybody to stay at home between now and Sunday in an effort to halt the spread of the killer disease.

Sierra Leone had a previous nationwide curfew in September at the height of the epidemic.

The Christian Examiner reported President Koroma’s remarks, urging his people to work together.

He said: ‘The future of our country and the aspirations of our children are at stake,

‘I call on every Sierra Leonean in every community to pull together. The economic development of our country and the lives of our people continue to be threatened by the ongoing presence of Ebola in Sierra Leone.’

According to the World Health Organisation, there were 33 confirmed new cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone in the week of March 22…