“Did you know the Ontario government pays a golf pro $103,000?”

Sunshine list takers gaining on makers

“Did you know the Ontario government pays a golf pro $103,000?” Ontario PC MPP Lisa MacLeod tweeted Friday morning.

No, I didn’t. Yikes. This is one of the reasons we should be grateful for the Ontario sunshine list, first introduced in 1996, which lists all the public servants who make over $100,000.

It peels back the curtain to expose positions and salaries the government would prefer we didn’t talk about. From energy execs to the handful of municipal golf course supervisors who made the list – they’re all on it.

  • BillyHW

    Fire them all.

    • Jail them all.

      • Stronger than Dirt

        You’re too kind. Pitchfork them.

        • Observer

          After taking the pitchfork out of the manure pile to stick it into a pile of…..

    • Out of a cannon.

  • Observer

    TVOntario’s Steve Paikin gets $302,622.

    He may be intelligent, but he is an arrogant ass who sure ain’t worth that at what is supposed to be a nonprofit educational television station.

    • I didn’t mind him until I realized who his son was, he admitted he slept with a man to show his tolerance!


      • Waffle

        ? Who slept with whom? Is Zack the product of the guy Steve’s (?) encounter? 😉

        • Zack showed his tolerance another guy and boasted about it on FB.

          • Waffle

            Interesting. . .

    • Ottawa Eyes

      I agree with you about Paikin.

      I still remember right after 9/11, Paikin on air complained to co-host Paula Todd, that ABC’s Peter Jennings was paid $4 million a year and that he, Paikin was worth as much. Of course Jennings was the ABC network national news anchor, America’s most watched anchor viewed by over a million each night and how many in Ontario watch or even know who Paikin is?

  • Gary

    Only in the Government after 20 years of the Computer age with lower prices and powerful PC ‘s would there be a 30% growth in the number of employees . Meanwhile , automation and e-Businesses have streamlined the Payroll budget.

    But not a chance in the Government where Public Unions are now Voter-Blocks to keep them in power and buy Election .

    • It’s unbelievable almost. The province may shake itself out of its stupor when we go bankrupt but I doubt it.

      • Cheryl

        When you look at it who are the stupid ones? It has to be the people living in Ontario who sit by and do nothing. We pay Wynne what $200,000 to sit and wave her arms around. Unless we take a stand we are on the way to becoming bankrupt very shortly. Is there more people in Ontario that like Wynne than dislike her? I for one dislike her with a passion and at 65 what do I do.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Did you know a bunch of extortionists hand our money to their friends?”

  • Ron MacDonald

    I’d be upset had they paid him $50,000, why does the Ontario government need a golf pro. Next they’ll be hiring hockey players.

    • JoKeR

      I would rather Ontario hires hockey players than sodomites! 😉

    • I suspect he manages a golf course, likely municipal, which if I am not mistaken are losing money as golf fades as pastime.

  • roccolore

    That’s more than the leader of the PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit last year. $100,000 is also the top prize for a Web.com Tour event or 10th on the PGA Tour.

  • David Murrell

    From Anthony Furey’s column:
    “The most obnoxious part of the sunshine list narrative is the argument that $100,000 is too low of a threshold. That it’s not a lot of money so why bother disclosing it”.

    I caught a conversation between a CBC News host and a reporter covering the release, yesterday afternoon (Friday afternoon, March 27). And at one point the CBC host-thingy asked “Is $100,000 to low a salary to report? After all, look how thick the document is” (and she was pointing to the huge thick set of documents reporting on the 110,000+ luck Ontarioans who receive more than $100,000).

    So here we see CBC news lobbying for less transparency in Wynne’s corrupt government.