Cherson & Molschky: American College Campuses: Israel, No; ISIS, Yes

To support Israel is racist; to support ISIS is a demonstration of diversity. This is the atmosphere at American college campuses today. “Higher learning” has become synonymous with “liberal brainwashing.”

It is important to remember that Israel is America’s ally- not just any ally, but America’s closest ally in the Middle East. Despite President Obama’s blatant hatred for Israeli PM Netanyahu and his Administration’s obvious moves against our only truly democratic friend in the region, at the end of the day, Israel is still a close ally of the United States.

Yet at America’s colleges and universities, which celebrate diversity, the extremely diverse, humanitarian and peaceful Israel (whose population is made up of multiple races and religions), is the enemy…

  • Hard Little Machine

    The upside is that as soon as they all go for ISIS they’ll stop being useful educational institutions. Soon America will run out of engineers and scientists, doctors and so forth. Nobody left to actually build the cars that turned into car bombs.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Since support for Israel among the American public at large has never been higher, colleges have had to wall themselves off from the outside world, sort of like a sewage treatment plant.

    • Frau Katze

      They’re becoming more and more detached from reality.

  • cmh

    No surprise here at all….. These are the universities that produced Obama and his mother etc.