Challenging Islam’s License to Kill

Last week the Islamic State’s ‘Hacking Division’ released the names and addresses of one hundred US military personnel. It urged the ‘brothers residing in America’ – i.e. American Muslims – to ‘deal with’ them, which is to say, it wants them killed.

There is much talk these days of radicalization and deradicalization. At the heart of both processes are religious ideas: theological dogmas. What are some of the key theological principles that might cause a Muslim to take this call seriously? What is the Islamic reasoning given by the IS Hacking Division in support of its call to kill non-Muslims?

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    “Until these beliefs and the canonical teachings they rely on are acknowledged and repudiated, the lives of non-Muslims will continue to be discarded as the ‘ticket to paradise’ of Muslim belligerents.” And in the meantime (which could be a very long time) do we just wait and try and protect ourselves until they change. Great.

    • It is a murder cult. Our government allowed a murder cult into our country.

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    The Koran is the book of war, the root of Islam and the downfall of civilized western life. We MUST band together and demand a ban on the Koranic text passages that promote the religious duty of enslavement and annihilation of all non Muslims.

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  • We of the West have received the Greek spirit of inquiry, the Christian gift of grace, the Jewish heritage of law, and the Anglo-American tradition of liberty. Islam has nothing to add to that, and everything to steal away.