Australia: School textbooks gloss over jihad and undermine Christianity

“…The portrayal of Christianity and the Catholic Church is one where wrongdoers “were doomed to hell”, missionaries enforced “very strict and Catholic beliefs” and the medieval church worked against “new inventions, exploration and scientific discoveries”.

In relation to scientific discoveries and advances, those familiar with James Hannam’s book The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution, will appreciate how misleading the Oxford textbook is.

The negative portrayal of Christianity is made worse as the same kind of close scrutiny is not applied to other religions, such as Islam. The description of Islam is matter-of-fact and ignores the often violent and destructive nature of jihad; the authors write, “caliphs, who succeeded Muhammad, continued to spread the Prophet’s teachings throughout a growing Islamic empire”.

The statement that, “The Ottoman Empire and Islamic faith spread from Asia into Africa and Europe, challenging the Christian belief system of medieval Europe”, implies the process was benign.”

  • winniec

    Yes, Muslims ‘challenged’ Europe all right…they ‘challenged’ it with a few thousand JIHAD ATTACKS RIGHT INTO CENTRAL FRANCE AND POLAND! Plus they CHALLENGED the Balkans with a 500 year ‘visit’.
    Such historical dishonesty!

    The Islamic apologists ALWAYS lose in debate, because Islam has no history to support it, no morality to recommend it, and no logic with which to understand it.

    Muslims ALWAYS lose debates to well-informed debaters. Islam is intellectual gobbledygook.

  • ntt1

    time to toast Vlad (the impaler) Tepes who single handily invented the tapas bar treat by sticking 4000 muslim turks on skewers made of small saplings. his insight now allows us to enjoy tough to handle snacks like Swedish meatballs and cocktail sausages yet leaving one hand free to sip a beverage.

    • Ouch;)

      • ntt1

        you will never catch a muslim in a tapas bar to this day 🙂

  • Achmed

    Because the Q’uran is the only true word of Allah!

    Fight the false prophets and false gods of the kaffirs!

  • Censored_often

    It’s a true joy learning all is going well in the “Land Down Under the thumb of Mecca”. *sarc*

  • Who invented the field of genetics? A Catholic monk did.

    If Islam is a society that appreciates innovation, then why are the bulk of Islamic nations in poverty and run by violent madmen?

    Logic fail, as is said.