Amazon Explores Next Step in Automated Warehouses — Bye Bye Human Workers!

Given the expanded used of computers, robots and automation, America’s future need for immigrant workers is ZERO.

In February, I wrote about Amazon’s new “fulfillment centers” that featured increased use of robots: “North Texas: Promotes Its Semi-Automated Warehouses.” Managers assured the public and new local employees that the smart machines “help” humans do the heavy lifting and boring stuff that the workers don’t want to do.

We’ve heard that kind of language before, particularly regarding a dubious “need” for immigrant workers — that they do jobs Americans don’t want to do. It was once the case that workers were paid more for difficult, dangerous or unpleasant jobs, like meatpacking (which once provided middle class jobs for citizens), but no longer. That social contract has been ripped to shreds because of the globalized forces of outsourcing and mass immigration, and smart machines are coming on strong.

These days the Amazon company depends on its amazing Kiva system of warehouse robots to locate and move goods to humans who do the picking and packing…

  • BillyHW

    Most people are actually useless.

    • And they don’t vote.

      Still this is the future. Its gonna get real ugly fast.

      • Frau Katze

        Sure is.

  • DD_Austin

    Who is going to fix them?

    Who is going to run the ordering system that drives them, and fix it?

    It just trades ten minimum wage jobs for one maximum wage job