UK: The increasingly ugly face of the Left

Zita Holbourne, the violent, ugly, intolerant face of the Left in Britain. An anti-austerity campaigner, Zita Holbourne has been an activist almost all her life. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian Sarah Lee/Guardian

Years ago in Britain, a large part of the grassroots of the political Left was made up of ordinary patriotic working class people, primarily concerned about fair issues of pay, access to decent homes and a better future for their families.

This most people would consider to be the decent Left. Yes it was a little socially conservative, but it reflected the mores and culture of the working men and women who supported it. Now the British Left has been eviscerated and its traditional supporters driven away by those who place ideological issues, such as identity politics, over and above the practical issues that many working class people would like to see the Left working on.

Issues such as decent working conditions, decent homes and the sort of quality education that allows a hard-working son or daughter of a manual worker to progress out of poverty are pushed to one side in favour of race, gender and sexuality issues that have very little to do with what ordinary people are concerned about.

What passes for the Left today seems to be completely dominated by a loud, often parasitical, cadre of intolerant, middle-class, nation-hating, violent scum that we saw in action over the weekend hassling Nigel Farage and his family.

This is the ugly face of the new Left that has not only targeted Mr Farage and violently attacked UKIP constituency offices and activists, but has so often, especially in recent years, turned out for all the wrong causes…

  • mobuyus

    Her face looks like a bouquet of puckered rectums..

    • JoKeR

      I hate to say it but she justifies the use of the burqua!

  • David Murrell

    One could say that Ms. Holbourne’s face isn’t exactly cover-girl material.

  • Guest

    No no, not a horrible cunt or anything.

  • Alain

    Anti-austerity people are those who are against any and all means of stopping their access to other people’s money and goods.

  • indeed

    I call her a mamma san.
    White women turned Radical ‘ to replace an emotional need.

  • Clausewitz

    Damn, I thought that was Broderick Crawford, but he was much prettier.

    • WalterBannon

      Clearly, a better dresser…

  • DMB

    The moral & cultural relativism of the left is at the root cause of their actions. They have become rebellious at anything relating to their indigenous culture and values in favor of anything that goes against it i.e. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Islam and even traditional nuclear family which they aim to destroy it.

  • cmh

    Her physical personality is right in line with her emotional personality. In other words she looks exactly like she acts.

  • And that is one ugly face.

  • Barrington Minge

    When she fell out of the ugly tree she hit every branch on the way down…I’d call here a dog, but my dog would take great offence at that.