Trudeau says he is too poor to afford a place in Montreal

Justin Trudeau’s car is worth more than $1,000,000. Yet somehow he doesn’t have the finances to own a small apartment in Montreal?

Ezra Levant takes the shiny pony to task over his bizarre lie.

  • Just a thought
  • Frances

    What he means is he can’t afford two mini-mansions, and won’t demean himself by buying a condo flat.

    • That is beneath him!

      He is trying for the common man touch. Not buying it just as he is not buying a condo.

      • Exile1981

        Or he is hoping that people will crowd source a mcmansion for him. The other possibility is that he is sure he will be moving into the pm house this fall.

        • He is deluded.

          I think he is attempting to appear like the average Canadian even though his pedigree (such as it is) belies that.

  • J. C.

    If Justin wants to do something positive for Canada, he needs to do what his father did…

  • eMan14

    If he considers himself that poor, I’m destitute at best. Not even sure about that paper bag I’m living in.

    • We used to dream of living in a paper bag. That would have been a palace to us.

    • dance…dancetotheradio
      • kkruger71

        It;s funny to me how often this sketch comes to mind when reading about not just Trudeau but many, many left wing politicians, union leaders, etc.

  • Maggat

    And I’m to bloody poor to afford turdeau.

    • Guest

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    • David Murrell

      One Prime Minister-designate Trudeau sweep into power after the October election, Canadians will truly see how poor they are, after he hikes taxes. We wants Canada to be like Ontario, writ large. There will be some many tax increases, it will make our heads swim.

      • His father ruined this country and Obama ruined the US. We do not need to repeat those errors.

  • Everyone Else

    “In 2010, the holdings in Pierre Trudeau’s original numbered company were “butterflied” and split into separate companies.

    Justin’s company, had assets worth $1,242,522 as of August 2011, according to a statement prepared by accounting firm BDO.

    Of this amount, $958,154 was held in short-term investments and $255,455 in cash.

    The Trudeaus are also beneficiaries of another numbered company that receives royalties from their father’s autobiography and other sources — about $10,000 a year, Trudeau estimates.

    Trudeau says while he is aware of the approximate value of his holdings, he pays no attention to which stocks he owns through the company.

    He says part of his portfolio is likely invested in oilsands companies but he isn’t certain. It’s just as well he doesn’t know, he says, so he can comment on issues such as the sale of Nexen Inc. or the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline without concern he is acting in his own interest.

    Also part of the Trudeau estate are a summer place on a lake near Morin Heights and the family’s distinctive art deco home on Pine Ave. that is now occupied by Sacha and his family. Justin got to keep the Mercedes-Benz convertible his father famously drove on Parliament Hill in the late 1960s.”

    • David Murrell

      Sasha is an advisor to Trudeau, and produced a pro-Iranian documentary that was shown on the CBC National. Sasha received Iranian government help, to produce the film.

  • jayme

    If he is to poor to live in Montreal how can he afford to live in Rockcliffe where the avg house price is about a million.

  • Clink9

    Guess he’s blown all of his own money and wants to do the same with ours.

  • David Murrell

    Ezra left out that, by pulling stakes out of Montreal, he no longer represents the proletariat in his riding. (Of course, the media-crony pals of his will keep this a secret).

    As well, one should check Elections Canada records to see how much his well-funded Liberal money campaign pays Justin on the side. He gets a top-up “allowance” over and above his base MP salary.

  • Did this trustifarian lose all of his dad’s cash?