The two-state delusion

The liberal-Left in Britain, and elsewhere, is engaged in willful blindness about Israel’s ability to forge a two-state solution. The reality is that it isn’t in Israel’s gift to bring one about because the Palestinians always reject it. It’s time the West woke up

In the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s incredible election triumph, one thought seems to have struck with particular force: that all hope for a two state solution is now dead and buried.

The Guardian lamented the election result, claiming that “there will be no peace process with the Palestinians” while an editorial in the Independent dismissed Netanyahu’s appeal to security:

“It emphasises the degree to which paranoia is now the dominant undercurrent in Israeli politics”. For the Financial Times, Netanyahu’s win was a “scorched earth victory…laying waste to any residual hopes that Israel might negotiate a solution with the Palestinians whose territory it occupies”.

  • Jay Currie

    At this point Bibi can and should go on a full scale, all in peace offensive. But also with conditions reflecting how buggered up the ME has become on Obama’s watch. The main condition being that the whole of the Palestinian state be disarmed and the only arms would be police and security service small arms.

    And Bibi should work very closely with Jordan, Egypt and Saudi to gain international traction. Basically say to them, you can’t count on the US to a) destroy IS, b) protect you from Iran. But working together we can do both.

    The Saudis are, to use the correct term, fucked. Yemen is blowing up, Iran is pushing and IS can turn South. Plus, Obama seems to have decided that the Shia are his pals. Saudi, at the moment is funding Egypt so Egypt would be in. And Egypt hates the Palis though not quite as much as Jordan which also has way to many Syrian refugees.

    Bibi can ride to the rescue here and while it will not be easy for the Sunni Arabs to accept the offer they are fast running out of options.

    • luna

      I think there is a good chance Israel, Jordan, And Egypt will form an alliance that may include other neighbors. I also think your right it that if such an alliance comes together, Israel should apply diplomatic pressure to disarm Palestine.

    • Brett_McS

      Sounds like you favour the One State solution as well:

    • zee

      The pali police and security services are already three times as large as allowed by the Oslo Accords and they have heavier weapons than those allowed.

      Once they become a sovereign state, there’s no way except by force to prevent them from arming themselves if they want to . Who’s going to do that? The UN, the US, the EU?

  • luna

    I think the problem is worse than wilful blindness. It’s the idea that Israel is to blame for all problems in the world, and Israel must go in order to have peace.

  • ed

    “breaking news” airbus alps crash ” one of the pilots had been locked out of the cockpit ! audio hears him trying to smash down cockpit door to re gain entry ! as a said before this aircraft was way of course heading east towards Marseille or Toulouse ,[pilot names still being with held ] ?????????????????

  • Reader

    Abbas was elected to head the Palestinian Authority on 9 January 2005, for a four-year term ending on 9 January 2009, but continues to lead after cancelling all future elections. This is the government the EU and Obama was to hand Judea and Samaria over to.

    This disputed territory was seized by Jordan in 1949 when the surrounding countries invaded and tried to destroy Israel. There was never a country called Palestine, only the “British Mandate of Palestine” created with the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War 1, when the Ottoman’s supported Germany in that war.

    Here is the PLO’s/Palastinian Authority’s Abbas in France to mourn the murder of the Charlie Hebdo staff and the 4 Jews in the deli murder.
    If you need a close up of him mourning from the above picture here it is.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The obsession with the two-state solution is insanity, with diplomats doing the same thing over and over again for the last 48 years and expecting different results every time.

  • How is it possible for liberals to see a global warming trend in a 150 million year span. They can’t even see a jihad trend in a 1,400 year Islam span.

    The “two state solution” is nothing but taqqiya. No matter what the Israelis do jihad to eliminate the Jews will continue.

    And as the Muslims say – first it is the Saturday people then it is the Sunday people.

    Then the liberals are next.

    • Alain

      Exactly the “two state solution” is simply the incremental annihilation of Israel. The wish to see Jews without a secure homeland and at the whims and mercy of the leaders of the countries in which they reside, so that at the drop of a hat Jews and their property can be confiscated and the Jews themselves either killed or expelled, is something Jews cannot afford to allow.