The Newspeak of gender-neutral pronouns

In our brave new world of sex and gender experimentation, the English language is teetering on the edge of a lingusitic precipice. We lack names for the new relationships which are being created.

Take, for instance, 24-year-old Kyle Casson, a gay supermarket worker in England. He was desperate to have a child (but not, obviously, a wife). His mother Anne-Marie volunteered to be a surrogate mother for his baby. So Kyle shopped around for a donor with the right hair and eye colour and organised fertilisation and implantation at an IVF clinic. Eight months ago, 46-year-old Anne-Marie gave birth to Miles by C-section. It is believed to be the first time that a single man has had a baby through surrogacy in the UK.

  • Millie_Woods

    I wonder how they feel about GMO?

  • Guest

    Little discredits a speaker (or writer) faster than use of “he or she”. Someone so sensitive about sexual affairs can use existing words (someone? “singular they”?) without forcibly pushing the reader (and especially listener) away from the topic and into gender bending. I swear “he or she” is intentional semantic ambiguity… at minimum. While “he or she” is an annoyingly castrated construct, “ze” is sufficiently awful to warrant a most forceful uppercut. FAIR WARNING!

  • Can you spell slippery slope?

  • mauser 98

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