Studying jihad? Why Britain’s universities produce so many radical Islamists

IF THERESA MAY is in the running to be the next leader of the Conservative Party, as no less an authority than David Cameron believes, she will have to avoid missteps like the latest one over universities and free speech. Mrs May had wanted to order universities to vet all outside speakers for extremist views; student unions would have had to tell the authorities who was coming in advance. That struck the House of Lords, the Liberal Democrats and several Conservative ministers as intolerably illiberal, and the home secretary backed down.

Yet she has a point.

  • Pontifex Maximus

    Oriana Fallaci was the Cassandra of our fin de siècle!

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Nothing to do with Saudi oil money.

  • cmh

    The only point May has is the one on the top of her head….it appears she sold out her principals to stay in power….she’s a scumbag carnival barker politician

    • Brett_McS

      I suspect she’s one Dave’s affirmative action projects.

  • Brett_McS

    Western people read; Arabs don’t.

    That’s why many of the really vicious Jihadis are western converts: They actually read and study the Koran and then follow what it says, rather than relying on some pragmatic, worldly Imam to give them his saccharine interpretation of it.