Some People (Barbara Hall, Herman Van Rompuy) Get to Ride the Gravy Train Express Into Their Sunset Years

For those who thought it was more than a bit much when, following an extended stint as Ontario’s chief “human rights” commissar, Barbara Hall was tapped by our shady provincial government for yet another cushy gig, here’s the story of a highly-placed EU bureaucrat who, like our Babs, has it made:

Herman Van Rompuy will be entitled to more than £500,000 for doing nothing at the taxpayer’s expense over the next three years, after finishing his term as president of Europe.

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h/t Marvin

  • simus1

    They make a charming couple – of nomenclaturists.

  • eMan14

    Disgusting is all I can say.

  • Gary

    I have a complaint about to be filed with the OHRC because of a bias in my case where they showed favour to my employer which Hall gave an award to after it spend lots of money on Human Rights causes.
    I also found a photo of B.Hall at a Human Rights based fund raiser event held by my employer.
    The evidence I found points to the OHRC giving out Awards AFTER Corporation spend thousands $$$ on the popular HRC causes . Ironically , my Employer got a Human Rights award for Best Practises in meeting the Human Rights goal for HR’s and the workplace in the same year they tried to fire me while on LTD from a workplace injury that wasn’t reported to the WSIB .

    Look like Bab’s has a nice scheme going to force Companies to support her causes in order to get one of her Human Rights Plaques that makes good copy in the media.
    I didn’t fit into Hall’s victims of the Month that keeps changing to justify keeping this circus getting funding. The HRC tried to force me into Mediation as the Lawyer for my Employer try to buy me off with bobbles and $20 as if they were Peter Stuyvesant buying Staten island. The ruse was to keep me out of a Civil Court for damages that would have exposed the HRC as a farce.

    Look at how the Women in Charge of the OPP was a disaster during the Caledonia terrorism by self-professed natives . She got a nice job outside of Canada to get rid of her.

    Diversity quotas will kill us.

    • Guest

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  • mauser 98

    Nigel Farage wails on Herman Van Rompuy………… fun!