Somali Muslims Swarm School, Force Lockdown After Somali Posts ISIS-Supportive Picture

Over a hundred alien Somali Muslims, imported into the U.S., courtesy of non-discriminatory refugee policies, swarmed St. Cloud Technical High School on Friday in a rage.

Shockingly, a fight broke out between Somali Muslim students on Friday, two days after a student posted a social media image of a wheelchair-bound girl whom posters claimed to be affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS). A student is reportedly being “disciplined” for the photo–meaning he or she will be given a reprimand and will be allowed to roam society freely without restriction or inhibition after inciting jihad against America.

  • ontario john

    And of course the Toronto Islamic Star is upset today that we are not taking enough refugees.

    • WalterBannon

      let them eat cake

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    What happened to all of those “Zero Tolerance” rules that schools seem to always have that Left’s them expel kids for nibbling on a pizza the wrong way?
    You mean educators lied?

  • ontario john

    Just so everyone doesn’t forget, Haroooon in the Star today reminds us that Harper is evil, Harper and George Bush are waging war against islam, Christians have the same barbaric customs as radical islam, and Harper spends too much time worrying about those damn Christians and Jews in the middle east. Oh, and Harper is evil.

    • chayisun

      Did you see that it called Harper evil? You did? Oh……. 🙂

  • Islamic theology is toxic. It only takes a small amount, and then it starts to spread like a viral disease. The end result is a population of brainwashed religious fools.

    Islam needs to be put under the bright light of introspection. Hateful passages of Islamic theology need to be identified and expunged. Mullahs need to be arrested. Mosques need to be closed. All hateful signs/practices of the “religion” need to be made illegal.

    Islam has expanded by the sword for 1,400 years. If it is not dealt with now expect the problem to continue its spread.

    Read my thesis on Islam’s root problem at: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspo… . Here is the start.

    Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

    You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


    Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

    In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

    In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

    You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

  • roccolore

    Somali fascists play the victim and Hamas-linked CAIR defends them.