Russian president accuses Western security services of deliberately trying to destabilise the country before elections

President Vladimir Putin has accused Western spies of plotting to undermine his rule and trying to ‘destabilise’ Russia before the elections.

Public organisations are being used by Western security services to achieve their own goals, the Russian president said at a meeting of the Federal Security Service earlier today.

He vowed that Russia would stand firm in the face of what he described as attempts to isolate the country politically and economically following the Ukrainian crisis.

In the speech he said: ‘The attempts by Western security services to use public, non-governmental organisations and non-political groups for their own benefit, mostly to discredit the authorities and destabilise the situation in Russia, have not stopped.

‘Actions are being planned for the time before the election campaigns in 2016 and 2018’…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Why do the west’s spy agencies all suddenly spring into “hyper competence” mode when operating for no real discernible purpose in Russia?
    The rest of the time, in all other parts of the world, not so much.

    • Frau Katze

      He’s just paranoid.

      • Alain

        Really? It certainly happened more than once in Israeli elections and in a few other countries.

        • Gettingby

          America has interfered in other countries elections and a smart opportunist like Putin would claim they are doing the same in his country and milk it for all it was worth…or it could be true.

  • Why doesn’t he just rage against the “capitalist pigs” and get it over with?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      He’s being nuanced and sophisticated. 😉

      • He is Russian, after all.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I could tell you stories…

          Yeah, in short, they exist in a different reality than you and I.
          Of course, they say the same about us, but that does not make them correct or the truth somewhere in the middle.

          As I am now prone to saying, it was not Communism that screwed up Russia, it was THEY who screwed up Communism! 😉

          • David

            Everyone knows that true communism has never been tried.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            It’s kind of like witchcraft in that sense.

          • Well, communism wouldn’t work but, yes- they screwed up Russia.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            I know that is the accepted or conventional wisdom, and certainly Communism didn’t do Russia any favors, but had it been France that went Communist in 1918, Communism would have looked and acted a lot different, but likely never would have been benevolent.

            What I’m getting at is that Russian society has some really weird “features” (or bugs) that really make it neigh-impossible for large organizations to efficiently exist without being backed by the threat of force, and even then, they never do as well as their westren counterparts.
            Its a complicated and paradoxical problem that is mostly beyond my comprehension as to why Russia is the way that it is.

          • Socialism is benevolent fascism and that is what much of Europe is used to.

            As a Russian friend once said Russians need to be ruled by a strong leader because the population is so huge and possibly ideologically diverse.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The pot calling the kettle black.

  • eMan14

    Is there any doubt about the results of the coming election?

  • Everyone Else


    American NGOs (501c[3]) are not allowed to do political work in the USA

    Canadian NGOs (non-profit) are not allowed to do political work in Canada.

    So the American and Canadian NGOs collect charitable donations in their home country, and do political work in the country next door. This way they don’t get blamed for the political work and keep their charitable status. It’s like a shell game where the right to collect money isn’t kept under the shell where the political work is done. The strategy is called INDIRECT FUNDING.

    They also carry out this swindle in Europe, Israel, and various other countries. The multinational NGOs are huge. For instance Greenpeace is now a $400 million/year massive multinational player.

    Here’s an article about Greenpeace messing around with India.

    Now Putin is finding out what it’s like to be attacked by foreign money meddling in Russian affairs. The left wing has become Goliath in world politics, and is rapidly getting bigger from foundations with billions of dollars to dispense. These people are way ahead of the governments they are manipulating.

  • Just a thought

    After what O’Bunko tried to do in Israel, and succeeded in doing in Kenya, it’s hard to laugh it off, even if it isn’t true. 🙁

  • In my opinion, without claiming any inside info, it is Obama’s leadership of Western foreign policy which is causing tensions with Russia. Europeans are Obama idolaters, and would follow him to hell. He is taking them there already through the anarchy he has brought about in the nearby Middle East. He is also the cause of problems with Russia, including the Ukrainian crisis and Crimea. Putin acted as he did knowing that Obama is a clueless moron who knows nothing about chess playing, let alone judo.