Politics of Extinction

When faced with death we need to look at our politics. Extinction of our civilization is a death so we need to look at the politics of extinction. In a war you don’t need friends, you need allies. This distinction is important, because you have to like a friend, but you don’t need to like an ally. Under the threat of annihilation we need to see that we that all Kafirs are in the same boat. All of those threatened with extinction are Kafirs. Politics makes strange bedfellows, so atheist, Protestant, Buddhist and every other flavor of Kafir must work together to survive.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Other than the nut cases, just about all Christians seem to get along well enough, so I don’t think that is our problem. I think our problem is wanting too much to get along with the Muslims.
    It’s almost as if society needs permission to “defensively hate”, or to even defend itself anymore.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Simple solution . . .

  • Islam is an, unfortunately successful, ebola of ideologies.

    We deal with it or it will kill us all.