Obama leaves Yemen in the hands of Saudi Arabia

Not long ago, Obama was bragging about keeping the peace in Yemen.

Since he made that announcement, however, terrorists have been decimating that country, all because Obama pulled out the U.S. military.

Saudi Arabia is now attacking those terrorists in Yemen, doing a job Obama either couldn’t do or didn’t want to. The Saudis have deployed a huge number of troops while America sits on the sidelines — and allies with Iran.

  • David

    It really is hard to believe.

    • Alain

      I trust you are not referring to Obama, because there is nothing hard to believe there.

      • David

        That he was elected once let alone twice and that 40 plus % still support/believe him.

        • Ed Ellison

          That’s the Millenials for you.
          The generation that reelected Obama.

  • Canadian

    Pontius Obamus?

  • eMan14

    He’s just working on his next Nobel Peace Prize.

    • Guest

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  • Gary

    I find it really insulting the way Obama changes the ways he speaks when dealing with Blacks where he puts on a 1950’s accent of a Black man in the south and becomes very animated with head movement. Them he has his BS speech like in this video where he is very rigid and stares at the camera as he sounds like he’s reading a very dry information Manual , or a bad Script with no direction in a monotone voice.

    • He has never smelled a ghetto. His wealthy white grandparents made sure of that.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    If Obama ran the Spanish Inquisition.
    The whole sketch is good.
    But at 7:25 he says, ‘Fetch the comfy chair!’

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama will stop resupplying Saudi Arabia as their US gear and weapons get churned up in this. Then he will demand they ‘negotiate’ for how much of Southern Saudi Arabia to give up to the Houthis/Iran. Good thing Saudis are switching to other countries as their weapons supplier.

  • Of course. Let someone else manage his screw-ups. That, and he won’t have to choose between his beloved Saudis and Iranians.