CRTC ‘pick and pay’ decision too little, too late

John Robson of remembers this day in history:

On March 26, 1959, Canada’s television and radio journalists were finally permitted to join the Parliamentary Press Gallery, along with their colleagues at newspapers.

In a similar vein, this week the CRTC finally decided to allow consumers to choose which cable channels they wish to pay for, a la carte as it were.

While hailed by some as a sign that the CRTC is catching up with the times, this long overdue decision actually proves that bureaucracy didn’t wait to become obsolete in the age of Netflix, Apple TV and other viewing options (like, of course); they got there under Diefenbaker.

  • ontario john

    So if a person only wants or can only pay for the skinny package, all they are going to get is the cbc, french language, whiny indian, and public affairs stations. Kinda of reminds me of the old National Lampoon European Vacation movie where all they got on English tv was cheese making documentaries.

    • It reminds me of my basic cable in BC years ago, 4 Indian as India stations a Latino channel and CBC basically.

      • Stronger than Dirt

        When I lived there, all I got was the ceeb … in b&w …I was poor.

  • Surele Surele

    No TV no problem. We went the Internet way.

    • How is that working out? I am always curious about making the switch, but unfortunately can’t at this time.

      • Surele Surele

        It’s over 18 years now. We do not miss TV at all. And that was even before the Internet in our lives. The best thing was, and is, not to have to schedule our lives around TV programs. I know, we could tape programs, but that requires planning and good memory. Whenever on vacation, we try to watch some TV, but find it boring, repetitive and geared towards the lower dominator. And it’s all fake. Now with Internet, blogs, FB, the choice is amazing, as you know perfectly well. We also canceled NP (which was becoming so so – as would Pres. Reagan say). Now we get everything on-line and some radio. And the way we did it? Just one day, after mindlessly watching programs for hours, and feeling very crappy about it afterwards, we simply threw it out. Some poor schmuck picked it up. Actually, it was our son’s friend. Never looked back.

        • Maggat

          Been three years for me. Don’t miss it. I just loved telling Bell to “ah stuff it, cancel, thank you”

    • Frau Katze

      I don’t have one either. Haven’t had one for decades.

  • mauser 98

    Pick’nose &Pay came after demise of SunTV …how convenient…no conspiracy there
    CRTC a creation of Pierre Trudeau and still loaded with Liberal luvin leeches
    …i miss Man Cave with David Menzies!!!!!!!!

    • Alain

      Perhaps I am mistaken but I think there is still mandatory carriage for CBC and a few others regardless. We should be able to only pay for what we want and only get what we pay for.

      • mauser 98

        yes CBC, probably 3 French and a bunch of multicult ones (?)
        speak Mandarin?
        i would have payed extra for Sun TV , i miss it

        CBC is pompous ,wretching

  • terrence

    I don’t have an idiot box and never have. When I travel I occasionally watch a bit – but I cannot take much (the commercials are worse than radio commercials). The “skinny package” looks like complete crap. Can ALL TV!

    • mauser 98

      a scam… no price reduction

  • Maggat

    Sharp son of a gun that John Robson. TheRebel is going to clean up.