Are the Iran Nuclear Talks a Hostage Negotiation?

With one week left before the current deadline for the end of the nuclear talks with Iran, the administration’s desperation to cut a deal with Tehran is fairly obvious. The reason why the Iranians have stood their ground on the last sticking points stems from President Obama’s history of retreating on every issue when pressed to do so, leading the Iranians to believe they can count on him making a few more concessions in order to secure the agreement. But according to Politico, they have another motive for expecting the West to give way again on measures that might conceivably limit their ability to cheat their way to a bomb. Instead of just taking advantage of Obama and Secretary of State Kerry’s zeal for a deal, they also have the ability to threaten mayhem throughout the Middle East if they don’t get their way. Possible Iranian threats against U.S. personnel in Iraq may be turning the nuclear talks into as much of a hostage negotiation as anything else.

  • mauser 98

    Rush says:
    “if there is a nuclear deal with Iran, it may not be committed to paper.
    It may not be written down. And if it isn’t written down, obviously
    there’s no way anybody can verify what it actually says. And if it isn’t
    written down, any signature that is said to accompany it is

    so crazy it may be true

  • Obama wants the talks to go the way they are going. He is acting the perfect taqqiya/stealth Muslim.

    The end result of this Iranian nuclear talks fiasco will be, a big ME war. US forces will be in significant harms way.

    Obama is birthing this baby. And the democrats are the father.

    It will be ugly.