Woman to recieve 800,000 Dh in compensation for rape in UAE

That’s about $272,700 CAN, plus there’s some jail time, so I guess that’s a start. But don’t for a minute think that there’s no crazy here, because there’s plenty of crazy.

“The pair had kidnapped the victim from a location outside her Dubai-based office building when they asked her for directions. They then sprayed a numbing substance in her face before putting her in their vehicle.

When the woman woke up, she found herself in the desert with the second man sleeping next to her. The first defendant then yelled at the woman that his ‘younger brother’ was possessed and in a coma and asked her to read Quranic verses to him.

She obeyed his orders until they reached deeper into the desert where the second man woke up suddenly as the vehicle came to a stop. The men took the woman out of the car before beating and raping her in turn for three hours. …The men then left the victim in the desert alone at night with minimal clothing.

The woman had initially approached the Civil Court asking for Dh1 million in compensation for her lost virginity and the cancellation of a marital agreement that was scheduled to take place in addition to the lifelong ruin of her reputation, court documents said.”