Whitewashing Russia’s Gulag History

Perm-36 is a memorial museum to Soviet repressions on the site of the world’s only preserved gulag camp, part of a vast prison system that interned million of Soviet citizens over several decades. Local historians who founded the museum have been replaced at the helm by a state organization. The ousted historians now fear the change of management means Soviet crimes will be whitewashed.

  • What Soviet crimes?

    • Must be a spelling mistake Vlad.

      • simus1

        The slaughtering on Stalin & Co’s orders of millions of loyal, communist brutes by other loyal communist brutes did have a certain rough charm.
        Unfortunately, tens of millions of the much less culpable non party members, even the totally innocent, also got to share their fate.
        Joe’s stealing Ukraine’s grain harvest, selling it on the European exchanges, then using the money to pay Ford for turnkey weapons plants had a certain piratical aspect as well. At least the “rich kulaks” (farmers who owned one cow qualified) plus their families left to starve to death across Ukraine and elsewhere in their millions must have thought so.

  • The Soviets/Russians have always been reluctant to admit their crimes against humanity. The North Koreans are doing the same thing.