Where does our halal money go?

It is fine if products are made halal-compliant and advertised as such. It is not fine if consumers are forced to donate to a religious group…

  • Avoid anything halal. Don’t fly with pilots named Mohammad. Don’t use Muslim doctors. Don’t ever trust any Muslim.

  • Achmed

    As kaffirs you are obliged to pay the Jizyya. You have to fund the Jihad.

    • Achmed

      Everybody should visit http://www.zabihah.com/ and use it as a guide on where to buy Halal food and the Halal restaurants in your city or town!

  • cmh

    My question is simple….why is stun free slaughter even allowed in Canada? Who has the final say on the legislation? Is this under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency?, or the Ministry of Multiculturalism?…..Please inform me so I know.

  • pop

    It goes to humanitarian terrorists?

  • pop

    Be warned your favourite foods are paying it, inturn you’re paying it.

    • Guest

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    • Observer

      The solution is to look closely at the packaging for your food and if it is marked as halal do NOT buy it.

      If products you normally buy start displaying the halal symbol, contact the company and let them know you will no longer be buying that product after being a faithful customer for many years because of the halal certification and where that money goes.

      If enough people do that, the companies will learn they have a choice between satisfying their customers or losing them.