Watch What Happens When 3 Muslim Spokesmen Are Asked About Islam’s Death Penalty for Apostasy

A recent episode of the BBC program The Big Questions was anomalous: instead of pumping out more of the usual fog of obfuscation and denial regarding the aspects of Islamic law incompatible with Western standards of human rights and human dignity — as do most BBC shows — it actually featured an honest discussion of Islam’s death penalty for apostasy.

Or it would have, that is, if the Muslim spokesmen on the show had been remotely honest about that penalty. Instead, they offered an instructive case study in how Islamic supremacists deal with uncomfortable aspects of Islam when speaking with infidels.

Despite denials from Muslims in the West, Islam’s death penalty for those who leave the faith is abundantly established

  • Hard Little Machine

    The thumb and finger gesture is a well known Arab tell that everything the speaker is saying is 100% nonsense. Fact is, Arabs just like killing people. They don’t need any reason.

  • cmh

    The Koran and its accompanying texts are quite clear about the protocol regarding non believers….these texts should be banned in Canada.

  • Richard1ne

    Some very disturbed people at the top whose behavior do a lot of harm.