Vancouver police forced to pay man 15K for calling him a man

VANCOUVER — Vancouver’s police force has been ordered to pay a trans woman $15,000 for repeatedly referring to her as a man and refusing to provide her post-op treatment while she was in jail.

A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal decision posted Tuesday described how Angela Dawson had completed gender-reassignment surgery in March 2010 before several encounters with police officers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Dawson is well-known by the area’s officers as someone who skates around on rollerblades on the road to direct traffic, often while wearing flashy clothes and big headphones.

I think we have now jumped the shark er…. I mean self-mutilation fetishist.


  • This is how to flush a society down the drain.

    • Pretty much

      • Petey

        We need to shut down these “human rights” tribunal. They’ve become, in part, just another government sanctioned skimming operation.

        • They are typically co-opted by anti-democratic leftists.

        • Power Hungry

          The ‘Human Rights Tribunals’ are in effect just your fellow citizens and neighbors who have ascended to a position of some authority. They have subsequently ‘drunk the sweet nectar of power’ and found that they did indeed like it. They now overtly crave to drink more nectar and will then desire to accrue more power no matter how inane and destructive it may be. Remember ‘power doth tend to corrupt’!

          • Maggat

            And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

          • Petey

            And to think there were men such as Washington, Jefferson and Franklin once. We’ve become degenerates of a once great society.

          • Guest

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    • Alain

      I think it is more the sound of the flushing of the toilet, since this is not the first.

    • k1962

      OMG! I think I have seen that person skating around at Cambie and Broadway directing traffic (or at least they think they are directing traffic). She/he is a very big, tall (even taller on skates), muscular person, but scared the shit out of my daughter when she first saw her/him. Haven’t seen her since the operation (I don’t think), but her physic is that of a well built man, not a woman. Anyway, the way she dressed and behaved tells me she has way more issues than just being in the wrong body. It was actually very sad to observe.

      • k1962

        Just read the link. The times I have seen her directing traffic would have been after the surgery/self mutilation apparently. Still looked like a well-built man, not a woman except for the flamboyant body suit and tons of make-up.

  • BoobieTheRocketDog

    That would be CANADA, right?

    • Oh you bet.

      • olddog

        same as Washed-up-ington..just burbs of Moscow…

  • cmh

    You ain’t seen nothing yet….next is the norming of paedophilia. Paedophilia is already sanctioned in Islam and is a regular part of muslim ‘culture’. It’s a comin’….look at the inroads it has made in the UK.

    • That is only years away, Wynne has got the ball rolling in Ontario.

      • Guest


  • Censored_often

    I strongly dislike her… him… whatever the hell the creature is.

  • Clink9

    For $15,000 they can call me whatever they want.

    • Maggat

      Is it tax free?

    • Reader

      Are you a lesbian in a man’s body, or a gay in a woman’s body?

      I can’t guess from the name.

      • Clink9

        All that matters is we can use whatever bathroom we want from now on! His, hers, other.

        • Reader

          I usually pick an obscure corner of the wall in the parking lot if it is dark and I am desperate.

          The joys of diuretics! 🙂

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    It must be happy now. Can afford a new set of plastic tits. Hey, why not 3?

  • DMB

    I would call this individual a freak.

  • catherine maneker

    Maybe then everyone should be called “it”….no gender at all. That way no one is deeply offended and no micro aggression.

    This is the Onion. And it’s now real.

  • Gary

    Next we will see how a White trans criminal will sue the Police for reporting them as White because deep inside them they are actually a Black African.
    Or, they trans person will sue for being put in a cell with tall people because deep inside them is a dwarf and they want a lower sink, bed and toilet.

    I’d love to laugh at this but Barbara Hall and the SCOC have made so many insane ruling that one day anyone can Self-Identify for height, colour, gender, sexual preference, and what ever you can dream of.

  • warrenzoell

    Normalizing mental disorders.