The Real ‘War On Women’ is Happening in the Middle East

While the radical feminists in the U.S. continue their hysterical push for abortions after five months of pregnancy, TheBlaze reports that another Afghan woman was killed at the hands of Islamists extremists.

This is what you can really call a “war on women.” These stories are not uncommon.

Concerned Women for America recently hosted a panel to debunk the left’s petty “war against women” rhetoric, and I am reminded of it while reading these stories. How silly their little arguments look when we read accounts like these.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Radical feminists like Naomi Wolf are huge fans of the Taliban because of all the womanly empowerment they supply. But mostly it’s because they kill Americans, so it’s a two for one. Remember who’s screaming for the hijab here in the west. So called feminists.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Feminists want power and domination at home. They could care less about foreign women.

  • Fat, white liberal Western feminists don’t care about brown women, nor do they wish to detract attention and privileges from themselves. This greed and narcissism has to be pointed out and countered at every turn.