That is so GAY!

Meet the ‘Gay Sweater’ Made from the Hair of 100 LGBT Kids

h/t MG

  • DMB

    Was the ‘gay sweater’ made from 100 LGBTQ kids in sweat shops!

  • Brett_McS

    Of course it starts with the hair … and then it puts the lotion on it’s skin …

    • Clink9

      Or it will get the hose again.

      • Ewwww!

        • Cheryl

          This made me sick when I saw this on the news. They have gone too far on this homosexual thing. We have a nephew who is gay and he finds this revolting. I am under the impression Canada wants all the heterosexuals out of Canada so it can become nothing but gays. Canada used to be a great country but has been on a downslide. I am 65 years old and for what my ancestors fought for is almost gone. My concern is my little grandchildren and what they have to look forward to nothing but a third world country. Shame on this inept government and the government of senior Trudeau.

  • (wretching)

  • J. C.

    For f**k’s sake… *facepalm*

  • Minicapt

    Should burn nicely.