Sharia law goes against all values that we hold dear

NOTHING better illustrates the dangerous, destructive influence of the ideology of multiculturalism than the creeping spread of sharia law through society.

Leo McKinstry: Supporters of cultural diversity prattle about tolerance and equality, but in reality, their demands for acceptance of the Islamic legal code in Britain, they are promoting the most brutish forms of intolerance and inequality.

It is grotesque that self-styled liberals, so smug in their progressive opinions, should back a judicial system that effectively institutionalises persecution, misogyny, oppression, homophobia and barbarity.

Wherever sharia operates across the world, it means the triumph of savage superstition over humane justice, the reign of the mullahs in place of democracy and freedom.

Every theocratic country governed by sharia has an appalling human right records, complete with vicious punishments for so-called crimes like apostasy and blasphemy.

The eagerness to enforce sharia law is central to the vile, authoritarian cause of Islamism, which is filled with hatred for western values.

  • Observer

    But, but, but if we don’t support their sharia “courts” they might call us… racists!

    Oh the shame! We better let them run our country than be called that.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Try telling this to the various archbishops of Canterbury.

  • mobuyus

    Where ever sharia law is implemented the national bird becomes the Fly.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Great piece.

    Sharia has no place in the modern world, never mind outside of Muslim countries.

  • Barrington Minge

    Sharia – wife beating, hand chopping, bag wearing, FGM, homo tossing, child abusing, throat cutting, suicide bombing…hey, what’s not to like?