Police have told Lars Vilks that Swedish diversity means he can never return to his home

Swedish artist Lars Vilks who is believed to be the intended target of one of the Copenhagen shootings, says police have told him he can never return to his home in southern Sweden, as he prepares to hold a debate in a secret location on Wednesday night.

  • k1962

    Very sad. He has been replaced by Muslim invaders and so will the rest of the Swedes soon.

  • Ed

    There was a time in very recent memory where none of this would happen. It matters who we vote for, folks…

    • Rosenmops

      A lot of young people don’t remember a time before we got enriched. When my generation is gone there will be no one left who remembers.

      • Petrilia

        I worry about that too,teacher bear a lot of blame.n Like the high school teacher who backed down to a high school student in a hoodie. Don’t write in blue my gang colours.

    • Our government cannot be trusted, the conservatives imported this problem at a rate greater than the Liberals.

    • Petrilia

      That is what really makes me angry. Canadians never had anything to do, but Canadian died in 9/11

  • The Goat

    The neighbourhood’s become too vibrant, the restaurants too tasty, and the taxi rides too lousy.

    • Censored_often

      Aw, c’mon, the falafel is worth it!!!!! You are such a racist!

    • It’s so vibrant it glows.

  • Censored_often

    All that will exist are IKEA catalogues in the homes of Canadians before the end of time. Otherwise, Sweden will not exist.

  • Dana Garcia

    They won’t even give him a gun. He has to sleep with an axe by his bed.


  • Speaksvolumes

    Courageous man. They will soon make art that is critical of Islam a hate crime in European nations, at which point we will know Europe is a police state without free expression. When art is censored, no form of expression is safe.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      It’s already happened in Sweden.
      Galleries were closed, an artist was imprisoned, and his works were confiscated, while the gallery owner was jailed for a brief time and threatened.
      That time is here.

    • Sweden is a sick leftist culture.

  • star

    Who needs a Swedish passport?

    Poor man, ousted by Fascists in his own country

  • Petr

    I think he had absolutely no idea what he was getting into.

    You think you can draw whatever you want, because you live in a free country, but then the reality hits you like a ton of bricks and you find out that your country in not really free if it has enough muslims in it.

    • Inviting Islam to settle there or anywhere is a criminal act.

  • mauser 98

    Viks artiste buddys created this mess for him ..too late now …..good luck

  • Petrilia

    I remember a time when we Canadains were told by CBC that we should be exactly like Japan. They forgetting that we totally decimated them and paid for their rebuilding. We decimated Japan. It was the only way. Destroy. Rebuild. The only way to deal withIS IS DESTROY. Go after them. Shia Sunni. Who cares. They all hate us. Go after them and if they are killed, oh dear.

  • Petrilia

    Lars Vilkes never returning home. Shameful. Sweden.? Apparently all you want to do is bring hundred of thousands of Muslims who hate you and him. You, Sweden , know this will not end well. If there were any Swedes, who were disgusted by WW2. They might go to bat for an innocent manl. Otherwise, WW2 revisited. In other words, many countries had an underground, fought and died for their countries, did Sweden? Might explain what they are doing today.

    • Doug Kursk

      Yes, Sweden was so disgusted by that nasty Mr. Hitler that they sat out the war and remained ‘neutral’ while selling iron ore and weapons to both Germany and the Allies..!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Oh come on!
    Lars has had his fun but now he needs to turn down the heat and live a normal life.
    All he needs to do is convert to Wahabi Islam, denounce his Islamic tormenters as heretic slackers that could not even kill an old man (and denounce the rest of us as racists) and finally start banging 9-year-olds.
    The state of Sweden will give him a free ride for life for as long as he’s leading chants of “Death to America” at the local mosque.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t see young people being particularly upset by this sort of thing. I suspect it will all go rather smoothly and devolve in their lifetimes to something like Iran and its relation to its own middle class. People keep their heads down and learn to drink alcohol, dance, party, watch outlaw satellite TV and dress provocatively in private.