Obama is overdosing on Islam

A majority of Americans elected the son of a Muslim father yet they still doubt about the president’s allegiance.

Experts say Americans suffer from acute depression and that is a reason not to face reality despite the fact that reality is slapping you on the face.

No one can erase that the son/daughter of a Muslim man is a Muslim. Period.

That is not an opinion but a fact: The child of a Muslim father is a Muslim, forever. That is the way it is.

Obama and his people’s main concern is not America, but Islam.

Whether it is Iran, Saudi, Emirates, Qatar or Bahrain or any other Muslim country, and whether it is Sunnis or Shias, radicals or moderates, regardless, they read the Koran, they follow their Prophet Mohammed, they want sharia in the world they are conquering. Their common denominator is Islam…

  • He is not American in spirit that’s for certain.

    • Censored_often

      Aw, c’mon… he mixes well with your average Americans. Check this typical photo out. Say cheese (halal cheese).

  • Censored_often

    Imam first, radical leftist second, president ____? Third? Yes, he represents the Muslims first and foremost. I am actually surprised Hussein (peace be upon him) is showing his true colours at this point in time.

  • He is a Muslim, but a very confused one. One minute he is backing the Muslim Brotherhood, the next ordering Bin Laden to be taken out, then after that he is allying with the Shiite Iranians, etc. Confused? Here is his true face: the personification of evil.

    • Censored_often

      Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the Islamic head. He is truly ambivalent. Hell, just to be a regular Christian American with some black heritage would be enough, but the American majority somehow elected a partially black partially Muslim dude into the White House and now he is going all Muslim on the world. Interesting, and TRUE, insight. Thanks, Avi.

  • He is an Islamist supporter if not actually a practising Muslim.

    The problem is not accepting a head of state from another faith. The problem is standing idly by while a president, whose values and interests are opposite to those of the American people, dismantles the very global and domestic fabric that keeps the US going.

  • star

    He’s Islamic, that’s for sure.