Now that’s embarrassing…

Embarrassing moment tank sent to Ukraine by UK struggles to climb TINY hill

  • Oil and beef

    It’s an APC and under-powered (electric engine perhaps?). Only good in southern Sakatchewan or South Florida.

    • Whatever it is they took it out of service 10 years ago because it was unsafe.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Bedford 500 6-cyl diesel 164 hp (122 kW)

  • Canadian

    If they`re british, and they don`t work, we`ll buy them!

  • T.C.

    These are not tanks. These look like up-armored Jackals to me. The Jackal is a recon
    vehicle – it’s not meant to be armored. But IED casualties for Jackals in
    Afghanistan have been high so maybe some politician decided to cut down on bad
    press by attempting to add armor to the Jackal. But from the looks of things
    all the extra weight from the armor resulted in a severely under-powered
    vehicle. So the bureaucrats took the opportunity to off-load a costly failure to the Ukes because no one in the British army wanted them.

  • ntt1

    we have all had British vehicles why is this surprising?

  • eMan14

    Known as the “sitting duck” by Target.

  • Minicapt

    It’s a ‘Saxon’ APC, developed for the British Army as a cheap “battle taxi”. It was based on operational experience in Northern Ireland using modified Bedford Army trucks and ad hoc personnel transports.

    The other vehicles are a BTR-80 APC and a BRDM 2 recce vehicle; all probably involved in driver training.


    • Doug Kursk

      I’ve had the misfortune of driving one: under powered and hard to steer. It will bog down in mud and rip diffs apart…for those wondering, yes, we did find LUCAS electrical components in it..running lights, horn and alternator.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Saxon is a 4×4 truck not designed for off road use. Some of them even flip over on the highway.