Jew Hating Palestine House Infiltrated By Zionist Entity! Jew Poster Used To Advertise “Land Day Event”!

Oh my! The tentacles of the evil JOOO’s are vast!

Above is a side by side comparison of the poster used by the infamously anti-Semitic Palestine House to advertise their upcoming “Land Day” Jew hate festival and it’s original.

Note that the original poster was created by Franz Kraus – A Jew.

Man but that is clever!

h/t to Scaramouche and her commenter Chosen, for catching this.

  • Zaba

    Just another reminder of the vacuousness that is islam.

    • They do possess a creative talent for blind Islamic hatred however.

      • Zaba

        They do.
        It must have something to do with islam having NO Ethics,
        NO Golden Rule……..

        • Justin St.Denis

          And bottomless reserves of hate, hatred, more hate, and more hatred. Diversity is their strength.

  • Observer

    I think the Jewish and Hindu communities should come out in numbers to protest as a just deserts to Palestine House and all their protests against everybody else.

  • Observer

    If they want to steal the Jews lands, why wouldn’t they steal their art as their own?

    • I be they didn’t even know.

    • Waffle

      They have an historical habit of expropriating stuff that isn’t theirs. Their motto should be “Plagiarism is Us”.

      • Just a thought

        New name for them? Plagiarstinians? It has a ring to it.

        • Guest

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  • Observer

    If they want to steal the Jews lands, why wouldn’t they steal their art as their own?

  • ontario john

    Probably caused by those damn Harperites Haroooon is warning us about.

    • No doubt!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Har-per-ite ~ noun, 21st Century Canadian in origin, designating the political opponents of national cultural suicide as led by then Cdn. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a brilliant economist who navigated Canada’s way through very tumultuous economic times in the first decades of the 21st Century. Used almost exclusively by a semi-literate segment of the Canadian population striving to develop their own language and politics. The term survives only to commemorate these historically wrongheaded Canadians, also known as “assholes”.

  • Waffle

    Kraus, an Austrian zionist, designed the poster in 1936. Palestine was then a territory under the British Mandate. Previously it had been controlled by the Ottomans. When Jewish Palestine became the independent State of Israel in 1948 following a vote in the U.N., the Arab Palestinians refused statehood and instead banded with the surrounding Arab countries in a murderous campaign against the Israelis.

  • DVult

    So they want to liberate “palestine” and have it all to themselves. What’re they doing here then? We’d like Canada to ourselves and be free of them.

  • Just a thought

    They have nothing of value of their own, so they covet and try to rob others of what those others treasure. And, if they cant steal it, they try to destroy it so no one can use it. Greedy, mean and spiteful only begins to describe those dregs of the earth.