Go Team Obama! Iran-backed rebels in Yemen loot secret files about U.S. spy operations

Secret intelligence files held by Yemeni security forces and containing details of American intelligence operations in the country have been looted by Iran-backed militia leaders, exposing names of informants and plans for U.S.-backed counter-terrorism operations, U.S. officials say.

U.S. intelligence officials believe additional files were handed directly to Iranian advisors by Yemeni officials who have sided with the Houthi militias that seized control of the capital of Sana last September and later toppled the U.S.-backed president.

  • Dennis Krupski

    While this was happening it is probable that President (?) Obama was golfing!

  • ntt1

    it is looking like the “intelligence” agency in Yemen is as incompetent as their petulant golfing boss in Washington. What a gong show,

  • Maggat

    That jug eared jerk in the White House could not organize a BJ at a fag convention in San Fransisco in the very merry month of May.
    Lord help us.

  • mauser 98

    a crock …..sound familiar… Iran 1979?

    all too convenient… not bitin’

  • Ron MacDonald

    I worked in communications in the military and we were taught to destroy everything before abandoning a site. Those who live in the 7th century need better instructions.