Cyber Attack on Frontpage

310x211xatt.jpg.pagespeed.ic.57LoY5pbJRThe enemies of freedom never rest — and neither do we.

Every day Frontpage tells the truth about the leftists and jihadists who want to take away our freedom. And they will do anything to silence us.

Yesterday morning at approximately 6:35AM our website was hit with a Distributor Denial of Service attack (DDoS).

The attack consisted of several computers/servers pinging our website with so many requests that our system was overloaded and the site shut down. The attack was coming from computers in Egypt, Iran, and Iraq.

The enemies of freedom see Frontpage telling the truth daily about the jihad threat in all its manifestations, and they know they can’t refute us or show what we say to be false. So the only thing they can do is try to shut us down, just as Nazi Brownshirts used to show up at the classes of anti-Nazi university professors and shout them down and physically menace them.

Their thuggery reveals the intellectual bankruptcy and authoritarian heart of the modern Left and their Islamic supremacist allies. And it shows how effective we are at FrontPage in getting the truth out – the truth that most media outlets these days are afraid to tell.

The enemies of freedom are afraid of us and it shows.

This recent cyber-attack against us has failed to silence our message. Instead it was a tribute to our efforts and an encouragement for us to keep going.

FrontPage is reaching more people every day. It is taking on the issues that the media won’t touch and that the Left won’t discuss. It is standing up to the beheaders and the butchers of ISIS and the leftist totalitarians who enable them. It tells the truth about Iran and about the current U.S. administration.

We’re going to keep telling those truths, and installing the finest state-of-the-art security systems to make sure that you will be able to keep reading them.

With your support, Frontpage will continue standing strong against tyranny and terror.