Cost of salary and benefits for Ontario public sector overlords has increased by 47% in less than 10 years

TORONTO – The cost of salary and benefits for Ontario public sector workers has increased by 47% in less than a decade, growing at a significantly faster rate than either inflation or the provincial economy, according to a new Fraser Institute report.

How Compensation Spending Consumes Government Resources in Ontario concluded that even with current government restraint measures, up to three-quarters of all new spending on programs goes to cover staff pay.

“The compensation of government employees in Ontario currently consumes more than half of all program spending,” said the report, which was released Wednesday. “Ontario’s finances have become increasingly precarious due to the government consistently spending more than the revenue it collects. The growth in compensation spending has played a role in adding to the strain in the government finances.”

  • John the Mad

    While I can’t speak for the broader public sector (e.g., schools, hospitals,municipalities) in fairness the article ought to have stated that the salaries of the Ontario Public Service (the actual civil service) have been contractually frozen for a number of years now and will continue to be frozen for the upcoming fiscal year. Benefits have also been cut, starting salaries reduced and pay for performance bonuses eliminated.

    • mauser 98

      teachers, police have a bottomless pit of money to draw from.
      endless handouts ,bribes for votes.
      gasplant scam was 1$billion for 2 seats.
      see “Sunshine List”
      Wynne not above giving secret pay raises. McGuinty did it with OPP in 2012

  • David Murrell

    Another great pic Fur. As I recall, this beastie was called the Gorn, and was featured in the original Star Trek TV series. The Gorn and Captain Kirk (William Shatner) did battle on a deserted world. From that episode, the Gorn was a rather evil, nasty one, very much like the public service union leadership in Ontario.

    • He’s a Union Rep now.

      • Clink9

        I thought it was Kathleen Wynne without makeup.

  • simus1

    GLLKDW and her minions must be expecting a USA led financial crash followed by a hyperinflation meltdown to wipe the slate clean in the not too distant future. Otherwise we are left with nothing logical barring massive incompetence.

    • I lean to massive incompetence and god old fashioned greed.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

  • irishrus

    If it’s any consolation at all they still won’t be able to afford to buy a house in T.O. if they didn’t live in that millionaire’s bubble to begin with.